This modular Mac Pro will give you vapors

Apple has recognized itself, the Mac Pro no longer meets the expectations and needs of professionals and businesses. The company is fully aware of its mistakes and it intends to make up for it with its next professional machine. How? 'Or' What ? She didn't say it, but that didn't stop Curved from working on a great concept.

The Mac Pro has evolved enormously over the generations. If the first models were closer to a traditional tower, the last version was much more compact.

This Modular Mac Pro Will Give You Vapors

The concept imagined by Curved is found halfway between these two models.

A compact and modular Mac Pro

The Mac Pro in question is in fact in the form of a fairly compact central unit, a central unit giving pride of place to brushed aluminum. Very elegant, the tower obviously recalls the other machines in the manufacturer's catalog.

It seems indeed carved in a single block of aluminum, with two glass cutouts on each side. Curved indeed had the idea of placing a touch screen at the front of the machine, a screen operating on a principle similar to that of the Touch Bar of the MacBook Pro Retina. Thanks to it, it is indeed possible to access shortcuts in a few moments and without having to play the field mouse.

Further down, under this screen, there is also an SD card reader and two ports in USB Type-C format.

The glass part located at the rear contains the connections of the machine. The author of this concept has been particularly generous in this area and has integrated numerous USB 3.0 ports with a few Thunderbolt ports just to drive home the point.

A well thought-out drawer system

But this is not the only advantage of this machine. The Mac Pro imagined by Curved is actually in the modular and it is thus possible to rotate the central part in one direction or the other to access the compartments containing the components of the machine.

This ingenious system allows for example to change the RAM or hard disks in a few moments, but also to upgrade the graphics card. No part is actually welded.

A very attractive concept, therefore, if not realistic. Bringing together so many components in such a compact case is indeed impossible. Not without good ventilation.

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