This site will allow you to recover your data from Twitter, Facebook and all the others

JustGetMyData allows you to retrieve a copy of your personal data stored in platforms like Facebook, Twitter and many more. It is also a way to find out what information these hold about you or have extracted from your devices. This site is a derivative of JustDeleteMe which helps delete accounts.

Since the entry into force of the GDPR (for General Data Protection Regulation ) in Europe, online platforms are required to provide subscribers with an easy solution to access their personal data. It is a reference text for the protection of personal data for individuals within the European Union.

This Site Will Allow You To Recover Your Data From Twitter Facebook And All The Others
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JustGetMyData classifies the sites in alphabetical order and the level of ease of retrieval is indicated by a color code. There are also links to the page where to go for detailed instructions on how to request a copy.

Wikipedia and Microsoft in the crosshairs

JustGetMyData uses three colors depending on the difficulty of extracting information. The easiest level is green, like Apple, Discord, eBay, Google, Telegram, Tinder, or Facebook. Then there is the yellow, as with Amazon, Booking, Instagram, Netflix, Pornhub, Twitter and Steam. Finally, red concerns Adobe, Alibaba, Microsoft or even Twitch.

JGMD indicates the page where the information is located. Of the 37 sites listed, only Wikipedia has no retrieval method. Data stored on Microsoft is also very difficult to download.

“Personal data processed by Microsoft cannot be viewed or controlled using the tools above. To access it, you must always contact Microsoft at a specified address or by using a web form. "


JustGetMyData prevents suspicious maneuvers

Some companies use the dark pattern to try to sow subscribers. This suspicious technique, for example, hides the terms of the terms of use so that no one can scrutinize them. It encourages Internet users to easily subscribe to subscriptions that are difficult to cancel or to pursue research on an interesting subject to stay informed.

In order to redirect them to the right sources, JustGetMyData created a URL directory. This allows users to make more informed decisions about the transactions they perform online.

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