Thuma bed frame review 2021

Exactly 15 minutes went by from the time we laid out all the materials to this point.  To place the mattress back on top, make the bed It took about 10 more minutes, and position the pillow board, bringing our total assembly time to half an hour.

Thuma bed frame review 2021

Review of the Thuma bed frame and 10 most asked questions

The pillow board comes in dark charcoal or a light linen color and is made of 100% polyester pebbled linen-weave with tapered foam filling. The covers are also sold separately, so you can swap colors when the mood strikes.

It sits comfortably on the back of the frame between the mattress and the wall and is not attached to the bed in any way. It’s an interesting alternative to a more traditional headboard, and it also reduces noise, thanks to the padding. The low profile can be covered by pillows or kept visible as a design accent.

It took my husband and me 30 minutes to assemble the frame the Thuma bed frame. However read the full review about it.

Each bed is crafted from solid, repurposed wood and all the pieces interlock, requiring just two hand-tightened screws.

It’s pricey, starting at $695 for a Twin, but after sleeping on the king-size bed for four months, I’ve never liked a bed frame more and value it like an investment piece I’ll have for years to come.

The best bed frames – our experience with it.When my husband and I decided to upgrade to a king-sized bed, we did tons of research on mattresses. We labored over the decision for weeks, read hundreds of reviews, and toured dozens of showrooms, before landing on a King Sealy Posturepedic Hybrid Premium Silver Chill Plush Mattress.

Thuma bed frame review 2021


As a couple, it’s been our most expensive purchase to date at $2,499, which was much more than we intended to spend. But sleep is important, and the splurge felt worth it. Since purchasing, I’m no longer woken up by my husband’s movement. It offered the support of a traditional mattress with the plush comfort and motion reduction of foam and cooling technology that would help us as warm sleepers.


Thuma vs Floyd bed

The Lexington is the frame i’m planning to get from here and I’m planning to buy about a week from now.

I wanted something clean and made of wood so this hit the marks for me. I can update in 2-3 weeks once I actually receive it.

I’m going to get mine without center legs for now as I think I’ll be okay without them. It says it supports 600 lbs so I’ll see how it is for now.

Honestly the price is pretty low for a bed frame anyways so I don’t think it’s too much of a deal to spend an extra 25 in case there is an issue.

The pillowboard has stayed in place for us despite not being connected to the frame. The mattress is strong enough to hold it in place up against the wall (we have the Allswell luxe hybrid). The pillowboard is only a minor inconvenience when changing the sheets. I wouldn’t say it’s a deal breaker, but it can be a pain in the ass when changing sheets since you almost have to peel the the board off between the wall and the mattress to get the sheets off.

It should be noted that you do have to assemble this bed which is probably adding to the lower cost. Although it doesn’t really seem that difficult.


We purchased a Thuma and after about a month we decided to keep it. It looks very nice and sturdy. I thought this review was very helpful and accurate.

A few additional things to note:


  • We are using a Tuft & Needle mattress and it works well

  • The slats are very sturdy I would consider them “heavy duty”

  • The bed is a nice height off the floor for additional storage underneath


  • Since the corners are not held together by anything it can me difficult to move the bed since you can’t really pick it up. -The middle “leg” that supports the middle beam is kind of weird and I do not like that you have to unscrew it so much to support the beam.
  • The wood the frame is made of is not solid pieces of wood, if you look closely they are glued together.

With all of these things taken into consideration it still is a very good value and my wife and I like it a lot.

  • I’ve thought about staining it as well and it’d be pretty easy since it comes in pieces.

I’m a couple weeks late and not a man, but I did a search for Thuma bed and wanted to chime in just because.

Thuma bed frame review 2021

I purchased a Thuma frame (king sized though) back in March and have been sleeping in it since. It’s incredibly easy to assemble, but once the pieces are in, make sure your bed is where you want it to be. Don’t try and drag the frame. But it’s incredibly sturdy, and I like the minimalist design. My only gripe with it is the pillowboard that just rests between the bed and the wall. It’s not bolted in, which isn’t too big of a deal in the grand scheme of things.


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