TikTok accused of exposing teens to pornographic content

TikTok doesn't seem to have all fans. Proof of this is the Les effronté-es association accuses the social platform of exposing children and adolescents to sexual and pornographic content. She even started a petition calling on the government to act.

TikTok was created by ByteDance in 2016 and the platform actually poses as a westernized version of Douyin.

TikTok accused of exposing teens to pornographic content
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Just like the latter, it allows users to create short videos ranging from three to sixty seconds. Videos that can be accompanied by music and effects.

TikTok, a problematic platform?

The tool is well designed and offers quite a few different functions. Thanks to these, it is for example possible to change the transitions between several planes, to add filters or effects, but also to affix stickers.

Popular with teens, TikTok has millions of users around the world. A dazzling success, which also drew the wrath of the Trump administration.

But the current tenant of the White House is obviously not the only one to view the tool with a negative eye. As reported by our colleagues from La Dépèche , a French association has indeed publicly accused the platform of exposing minors to sexually explicit or even pornographic content.

A petition calling on the government to act

According to Les effronté-es, therefore, “ TikTok broadcasts [on the one hand] sexy videos of teenage girls, and even children, advocating child pornography, and on the other hand, the platform exposes these young people to content. pornographic ” .

Consequently, the association asks the government to work and put in place a prevention plan in order to protect young people. A petition has also been launched on change.org . At the time of writing, it has collected 89 signatures.

It should be noted that the association's request is based in part on a video published by the King of the Rats on December 27, a video in which the YouTuber investigated the scams and predators operating on TikTok.

TikTok, for its part, has yet to respond to the association's accusations. Remember, however, that the platform recently launched a parental control tool .

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