Tiktok Quesadilla Hack

Tiktok Quesadilla HackQuesadilla hack toaster

Tiktok Quesadilla Hack: If you want something filling and cheesy, the quesadilla is one of the fastest things you can whip up in the kitchen, although sometimes you may not be able to master the tortilla flip properly, which can lead to disaster in the form of a very sad-looking meal. As usual, the people of TikTok know a hack to make the perfect quesadilla every time, and all it takes is a simple folding to get it right.

Tiktok Quesadilla HackQuesadilla Hack on Tiktok

Now I understand that the quesadilla is not the most challenging dish, but there’s always room for improvement and perfection, right? To start with, you’ll lay your tortilla or another wrap flat and then make a small cut on one side, only halfway through the wrap.

Egg Quesadilla Hack

Then, take a picture of the tortilla having four different quadrants where you can add different toppings. In one video, the user of TikTok @alpafoodie used za’atar in one section, followed by cheese, spinach and homemade chilli sauce in the next sections.

Tiktok Quesadilla HackQuesadilla Hack on a pan fimed on tik tok

Before you heat the quesadilla up on a pan (or between a panini press), you’ll want to fold the wrap starting with one of the quarters next to the small cut you’ve made. After that, it’ll be easy to follow the folds and put each section on top of each other, making each fold a new layer. Once you heat it or toast it to your liking, you’ll have a perfect hand-held meal that doesn’t require any additional cutting.

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