Tim Cook would have canceled a series on a media group… because of the iPhone 4

Is Tim Cook a bit resentful? It would appear to be the case. The strong man of Apple has effectively requested the cancellation of a series scheduled to air on Apple TV + … because of a case dating back several years: the leak of the iPhone 4.

To understand this decision and what motivated it, it is undoubtedly necessary to start at the beginning… and therefore to go back to the origins of the story.

Tim Cook Would Have Canceled A Series On A Media Group Because Of The Iphone 4
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A story that begins in 2010 in a bar in the United States.

This is the story of an Apple employee who leaves a bar … without his iPhone 4 prototype

April 19, 2010, several months before the presentation of the iPhone 4, the site Gizmodo has indeed launched a huge block in the pond by indicating to have bought a prototype of the phone for the modest sum of $ 5,000.

But now, the prototype in question had not fallen from the sky. He had actually been forgotten by a firm employee in Redwood City, California, after a night out at a bar.

At the time, Apple contacted the Gizmodo editorial staff directly to dissuade them from publishing the article. Without success.

Now some of you may know it, but Gizmodo originally belongs to a media group very well established in the United States: Gawker. Group with several strong licenses such as Jezelbel, Kotaku, io9 or even the essential Lifehacker.

Tim Cook don't forget

And precisely, at the origin, it was planned that the birth and the history of this group be adapted in series, a series which was to be diffused on the streaming platform of the mark with the apple: Apple TV +.

If we speak of it in the past tense, it is not for nothing. According to the New York Times, Tim Cook would indeed have expressed a “clearly negative opinion” and would therefore have opposed this famous series. A series of which several episodes were already written.

According to our colleagues, this decision would have been motivated by this story of iPhone 4, but also for another article in which Gizmodo mentioned the sexual orientation of Tim Cook … even before the latter comes out.

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