Timex intelligent quartz watches review


When I first received the  Timex intelligent quartz  watch, I pulled the crown out to adjust the time, and was greeted with something you might not expect – a digital beep.  Simply a gentle reminder of the quartz heart, and the first impression was amazing.

Timex Black Watch With Intelligent Quartz
timex black watch with intelligent quartz

Established  in 1854, Timex has become the American watchmaker (though Bulova may argue otherwise). They are famous for making affordable timepieces that maintain high levels of quality and user satisfaction. Their proprietary backlight technology, Indiglo, was introduced in 1992 and forever set the standard on how backlighting should be done.

Timex Intelligent Quartz Tide Temp Compass Watch Review
timex intelligent quartz tide temp compass watch review

While I’m sure many readers of this site would prefer to add a watch containing a mechanical movement to their collections, quartz watches like this Timex intelligent quartz watch do have a place with their reliable and maintenance-free movements. With this IQ line, Timex is adding some new and unique features, and interesting styles that you don’t normally see in quartz models.

Timex Intelligent Quartz Yellow Watch
timex intelligent quartz yellow watch


  • Generously-sized, but still lightweight, case
  • Reliable Timex quartz movement with world-time functionality
  • The Indiglo backlight

    Timex Intelligent Quartz Watches Reviews
    Timex intelligent quartz watches reviews


  • The 20mm band really feels too narrow for this case
  • At $150, the price feels a touch high with what we”re used to seeing for a quartz movement
  • The seasons indicator seems more like a gimmick than a truly useful feature

Customer reviews about Timex intelligent quartz watches:

  1. Looks better in person and has a lovely leather strap which is soft and breathable. The case size for me was perfect and I have averagely sized wrists.
    The chronograph was confusing at first but over time it’s very simple to understand. The glass is mineral so it isn’t very strong and I have marked it already which I admit is my fault. (But it’s not an obvious mark).
    I got it for a great price £69.99 which is a bargain, (on the timex website, it’s about £140).
    Definitely recommend if you want a damning watch for a great price! You won’t be disappointed.
  2. I am extremely disappointed with the quality of this product. I have purchased this watch two times, and both times it arrived broken.
    Timex Intelligent Quartz Watches With Flyback Chronograph
    timex intelligent quartz watches with flyback chronograph

    First time I bought it, it came broken (the watch was running slow, losing about 4-5 minutes every hour, the chronograph was running at different speed than the regular clock, and the date setting was not working). So I returned it for a refund, thinking it was just bad luck, as some of the products bound to come factory defected.

    Then I bought it again, excited for the watch, as I really liked the design. And once it arrived, it came defective AGAIN. This time, the chronograph hand was not moving, after starting the chronograph, even though I can hear the ticking inside, and the minute hand was counting the chronograph time.

    TL:DR bought it 2 times, both times it came broken with completely different defects, which makes me wonder about the quality of these watches.

  3. I’ve had Timex watches for years, and they’ve never let me down. I bought my Expedition dual analogue/digital back in 2008 but recently caught it on the edge of a table and one of the buttons came off – it still works but no longer waterproof. This one was a Christmas present and I’m absolutely delighted with it!          The face is surprisingly uncluttered and easy to read, love the blue Indiglo backlight, and Christmas dinner was timed to perfection using the chronograph. The strap is surprisingly supple and for once a hole lies up perfectly for my relatively thin wrist. It’s not too heavy, but feels solid and looks like it will last a long time. Don’t hesitate to buy this watch, the “maroon” strap is actually more like a dark tan and the off white face gives it a great vintage look.
  4. Spent a bit of time looking around for something different and found this.It’s style is reminiscent of old airplane instruments and in my opinion looks very cool….one of those watches you can wear for any occasion.The flyback chrono is unique and the dial is very easy to read in very low light…the only complaint on that score being the date window.It also has the Timex Indiglo backlight feature for night time……very useful.The face and case thickness are great…chunky and wide enough in just the right proportions that don’t overwhelm your wrist but make a great impression.The strap is well made and the colour you see in the product picture is pretty accurate….just use google images if you want to get a better idea with some pics of real people wearing it…… It’s also very comfortable and you don’t feel it on.
    Timex Tide Temp Compass Intelligent Quartz Review
    timex tide temp compass intelligent quartz review

    If you subscribe to Amazon’s Fashionware e-mail newsletter you also get a 20% discount to use against any purchase in that department(first time subscribers only) so even more of a bargain.
    Overall very pleased with Timex for the product and Amazon for the usual on time delivery.

  5. I am a Timex fan, have more than 5 Timex watches and whenever I see a new one I think of buying it. This watch is great, does what it’s supposed to do and looks awsome. I advise the people buying it to take into consideration that the band’s colour is actually beige or something more of a really light brown so you may be into a shock when you see it. If you’d like to make an ideea of the exact colour look at the interiour colour of the watch band in the picture and you’ll see what kind of beige I mean.Anyway, the watch looks great, it has a dual time function and a chronograph function but let’s be honest, you won’t be able to read those things, it is just too hard, really now, you are only buying the watch for its great looks.
  6.  I have the black version of this watch since October 2014 and am so satisfied that I have now also bought the ivory white model. The watch has been running on the same battery for 2 1/2 years. Time variance since the last changeover in October 2016 = + 6 sec. There is nothing negative to notice about these watches. The ivory dial with black numbers is particularly easy to read.
  7.   The Timex is one of the few quartz watches that are still ticking. I love it! Indirect indiglo lighting makes the watch a unique experience at night. It would be critical only to note that the 24 hour scale (2nd time zone) is difficult to read at the top left, because the distance of the hour strokes is only about 0.7 mm. On the other hand, the minute scale of the chronograph is very easy to read at the bottom right with approx. 2 mm line spacing. Everything cannot be optimally placed on the limited area of the dial. These Timex watches with the proven 730 calibre are a top product. If still available somewhere at a reasonable price, then definitely buy.
  8. I already have a mechanical Hamilton which is actually my main watch. I also wanted a cheaper “battle” quartz as a second watch and I chose this one. Nothing to say… the watch is beautiful and on my wrist, which is not exactly Miss, is fine.
    Normally the leather straps after a while get tired and replace them with born ones, but in this case I think I will not do it because the combination watch with steel case, cream dial and Light brown strap looks aesthetically pleasing.
    It weighs little, in total 68 grams.
    The blue light that is activated by squeezing the crown to read the time at night makes an almost magical effect.
    Only tiny drawback, if I have to report something, is what the clear hands on a light background, added to the fact that the dial is rich in elements, makes the reading of the time in the light of the not entirely immediate day.
  9. I had previously purchased the mod. T2N930AU (same, but black). I then took this, different only for the color that I actually found to my most liking.
    Regarding the review on the other aspects: the same considerations as I expressed in the previous one as the other model (if you want: see them: I had the honor of being inserted there as” most useful critical review”).
    Here, however, I add another small flaw. The second hand, when scrolling, marks the second hand exactly halfway between notches and then you don’t understand whether for example it marks 10 seconds or 11 seconds.
    The quality of steel is more than satisfactory, at least in appearance.
    The strap, although made of leather, does not seem particularly high, but rather on the “medium – low”. I
    know: I’m a demanding person, but what can I do? That’s what I’m like.




How precise it is a  Timex FLYBACK CHRONOGRAPH

And, importantly, what the the heck is a flyback chronograph and how does it compare to a regular chronograph?

A flyback chronograph differs from its non-flyback siblings in one major way: the ability to restart the timer function while the chronograph is engaged, negating the need to restart and then engage. In operation, this function saves time and can make for more accurate and responsive measurement.

Timex Intelligent Quartz FLYBACK CHRONOGRAPH Scaled
Timex intelligent quartz FLYBACK CHRONOGRAPH

Having a 4-hour chronograph is nice – most in this range come with a 30-minute or 1-hour display. The flyback function is easily the best part of the movement, though, and is perfect for time-trial events, games, etc.

In operation:

  • When engaged, the fourth-hand starts ticking in 1/5th-second increments across the dial. At 4 o’clock, the minutes-display will begin to creep towards 10-minutes.
  • Pressing the top pusher while in operation will stop the chronograph; pressing it again restarts the chronograph from where it was paused.
  • Pressing the bottom pusher restarts the entire thing. However,it maintains timekeeping as the hands sweep back in place, and they pick up right where they should without losing accuracy.

Indiglo is shining bright on the IQ, and like every other modern Timex I’ve reviewed, the Intelligent Quartz is built as good as it should be. Fit and finish isn’t meticulous, but it’s quite good for the price paid.

Still, despite the flyback, and despite the retrograde, the IQ doesn’t grab me like the other Timex’s do. It’s too expensive to be inexpensive (despite not being that expensive), and because of that, it lacks that “underdog” charm that makes the Weekender-family the value that they are. But it would have been with a frickin’ tickin’ 60-seconds retrograde dial.

Timex FLYBACK CHRONOGRAPH Intelligent Quartz
Timex FLYBACK CHRONOGRAPH intelligent quartz

CASE AND BRACELET of Timex  watches

The case of Timex Intelligent watches are  stainless steel, dark and strong with a broadness of 43 mm and a thickness of 13. The strap in beige leather with a scent of elegance to this casual and sporty model. The finish is with classic clasp.

TECHNICAL FEATURES of Timex intelligent watches

  • Water resistance : 100 meters
  • Glass type : Eral mines
  • Dial type : Chronograph
  • Case material : Stainless steel
  • Strap material : Leather
  • Case diameter : 43 mm.
  • Band Color : Beige
  • Calendar Type : Date.
  • Weight : 100 grams.
  • Type of mechanism : Quartz.
  • Manufacturer Warranty : 2 years on the operation of the movement.

Timex intelligent quartz watches review

Timex intelligent quartz watches review

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