Tomb Raider: Canceled remake of Lara Croft's first adventure appears on video

When you think of the history of the PlayStation, Tomb Raider is a name that comes up regularly . A video game franchise featuring a heroine largely inspired by a certain Indiana Jones. Very quickly, thanks to its gameplay, the adventurer found a great place in the hearts of players. Between intrigues that make you travel around the world, a control by Lara Croft who will be forever remembered (appreciated at the time despite the rigidity), puzzles in old temples … Since then, Tomb Raider is no longer exclusive to the PlayStation and several reboots have emerged under the leadership of Crystal Dynamics.

But with this reboot of the franchise, another remake was in the works, as PC Gamer explains.

Tomb Raider: Canceled remake of Lara Croft's first adventure appears on video

Credit: Square Enix

We discover, in the video below, a remake of the first Tomb Raider , on PlayStation.

Canceled Tomb Raider remake appears on YouTube

A very rare video has just appeared on YouTube and is fascinating Tomb Raider fans. A remake of the first episode on PlayStation, canceled, was found by Ash Kaprioelov and then shared on the Internet Archive . Even crazier: it is also possible to play it by following the instructions available for free at this address . Obviously, this remake is not playable in its entirety. The different places that make up the game are mostly empty. Modders are nevertheless trying to complete at least what remains of Tomb Raider.

But the crazy story does not end there! If the remake was canceled, it was changed and should have become an Indiana Jones game.

This remake was intended for the PSP, (excellent) portable console from Sony. The development had been entrusted to Core Design, the studio that created the franchise. Suffice to say that the players would have been entitled to expect an excellent overhaul.

This is not the first time that excerpts from abandoned titles and from big franchises appear on the Internet. The players were able to discover images of a canceled Avengers game, and quite incomplete , but also a project taken from The Lord of the Rings and perfectly following the framework of the films of Peter Jackson.

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