Top 10 movies to watch on the video projector

Top 10 movies to watch on the video projector

A movie watched on a video projector, possibly with a high-performance sound system, can mimic the cinema experience quite well. We tried to select, in order to recommend, ten films that look good on a big screen, briefly presenting their subject, but also aspects that will impress, if you watch them on high-performance projectors.

A movie is worth watching on the video projector when you really have something to admire: extraordinary special effects, landscapes that leave you speechless, scenes edited in a unique, reference way, or simply a movie that is only good to enjoy with friends, in the garden, with the image projected on the wall of the house. Here is our list (subjective, we know there will be many dissatisfied) of famous titles that are worth enjoying on very big screens:


Subject: A science fiction film that explores the future destiny of mankind in connection with the trans-dimensional journey through black holes. Christopher Nolan has earned many awards with this recent production.

Why it is worth the video projector: the images in space, the realism of the scenes (it is one of the few films that respects the reality of no noise in a vacuum) and imagining the entrance through a black hole will generate a feeling of fascination and emotion, especially on a big screen. Don't forget to add a high-performance sound system for Hans Zimmer's extraordinary soundtrack.

Kingdom of Heaven

Subject: A young knight sets out for Jerusalem to wash away his sins. Not everything he believes about chivalry, Christianity and faith turns out to be true, but virtue does not leave him in the face of even the most difficult trials. A film directed by Ridley Scott, with an attractive cast.

Why it's worth it on the video projector: the medieval landscapes, filmed in wide format, will delight the eyes. The battle scenes are also impressive. It also deserves the soundtrack, with hints of Gregorian music, under the direction of Harry Gregson-Williams.

Bloody throne

Subject: Akira Kurosawa, the director of this film, is a giant of world cinema. "The Bloody Throne" is the story of Shakespeare's Macbeth, transposed into medieval Japan.

Why it is worth the video projector: for moviegoers, it is known about Kurosawa's reputation as a genius of editing. The editing of this film revolutionized the industry and inspired countless great directors, such as George Lucas, Quentin Tarantino and Sergio Leone.

Top 10 movies to watch on the video projector

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