Top 17 songs to test your audio system

Top 17 songs to test your audio system

Music is a subjective experience and each of us has our own tastes when it comes to genres and artists or bands, being even easier to fall in love with quality sound when you listen to what you like. But to see the extremes that your speakers can tend to, here are some popular examples today.

To find out what a new audio system sounds like best for you, it would be advisable to test it with songs belonging to various musical genres, to see which extremes it leans towards, but also how you can balance the notes so that they your ear rejoices. And, as some examples can always be useful to you, to get you out of your own bubble of preferences, we present you some beloved examples for their musical contribution.

Radiohead – The National Anthem

It helps you test the musical balance of the speakers, being a very popular choice due to the different levels of complexity of the acoustics and electronics that seem to come from all directions. You will need a very good balance between attack and organization, between dynamism and stability and between the control of musical valences and frequency.

The Chemical Brothers – Das Spiegel

It presents, in essence, a collection of sounds derived from electronic music, which will test the discipline and the decomposition power of musical notes, starting from the guitar to the modulations of the wind instruments. It doesn't lack bass and drums, so it will test your subwoofer.

Hans Zimmer – Coward

This track on the Interstellar soundtrack is just a good example of testing the details that your new audio system is capable of – or not -. The small sound differences and the intensity that increases with each second will be perceived at the true quality only using the right settings and some quality speakers.

Linkin Park – Papercut

The first hit song from the non-metal's debut album abounds in extremities, excelling in reproducing the feeling of participation in the middle of a rock concert audience even when you listen to it at home. A song with heavier notes and a unique sound for the period in which it was released, but which retains its originality and now, abounds in metallic bass notes that remove any trace of monotony.

Top 17 songs to test your audio system

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