Top 4k tv for gaming cheap


Top 4k tv for gaming cheap

4k TV – Product Review and comparison in 2021

4k TVs are the latest attraction in the field, especially preferred by users who want to have their own entertainment center at home. It’s true, they are also the most expensive on the market, but the price is also influenced by other factors, so you can find an advantageous offer, if you are interested. To help you, we present you two of the models that reconcile performance with a more advantageous cost.Sony Bravia 60XF8305 is a 4k Ultra HD TV, LED type, with a diagonal of 152.7 cm, superior when it comes to the realism of the images and sounds played. It is a smart model, with Android operating system, which can be connected wirelessly to the Internet, allows Bluetooth connections and has 4 HDMI connectors and 3 USB jacks. It has a monitor function and offers the possibility to launch numerous online applications. If you prefer something more economical, we suggest the Samsung 49NU7302 TV.

Comparative table

TV with 4k Ultra HD resolution, technologies that considerably improve the quality and realism of the rendered images and sounds, with a diagonal of 152.7 cm, with LED screen, with Android operating system (you can play content from your smartphone or tablet, for example) , with multimedia player, which offers numerous connection possibilities.

It is a model that is part of a higher price class, so you will have to take more money out of your pocket if you can’t find it at a discount.

If you are willing to invest in a high-performance TV, which will surely turn the experience in front of the TV, then you should not miss this offer.

Curved model with LED screen, with a diagonal of 123 cm, suitable in the living rooms of the apartment, with smart function and with the possibility of connecting to the Internet by wire or wireless, which can be configured with the smart mobile phone and on which you can view multimedia content. to photos taken with the smartphone and even games on the PC.

Although it is a new generation model, it lacks functions that some users prefer, such as Bluetooth connection or a 3.5 mm headphone jack.

Taking into account the 4k quality, the features offered by this modern TV, but also the very advantageous price, we think it is worth making this investment.

Smart TV, with 4k resolution and 108 cm diagonal, ideal for movies and games, with multichannel sound technology (multiple virtual channels are created that produce surround effect), with access to the manufacturer’s virtual store, from which you can access content multimedia, and which can be easily used, thanks to the magic remote control.

Some of the people who have already bought the model are dissatisfied with the construction of the case and the quality of the finishes.

If you want a modern TV, which you can use more for movies and online browsing, and less for TV stations, this model is suitable.

Reviews on the best 4k TVs

Sony Bravia 60XF8305

Top 4k tv for gaming cheap

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