top 5 long range wireless headphones for gaming

The best wireless headphones are those with a headset up to 30 meters from the connected device, providing a secure, uninterrupted connection. The battery life is between 8 and 24 hours, with enough autonomy to enjoy your favorite music for a long time.

Why do people switch to wireless headphones? Most likely because of the portability it offers. Most of them use a Bluetooth connection that allows you to enjoy music and calls without the need for wires. This allows you to move freely without tangled cables or an audio source that restricts your movement.

However, regular bluetooth headsets have a standard operating range of 10 meters. For some, it may be enough, but for those who move a lot, it is not. They need a longer operating range. If you are one of them, then we can help you. We have listed the best long-range wireless headphones.

The Best Wireless Headphones in 2021

Jabra Evolve 65 – with Microphone

Plantronics BackBeat PRO2 – Long Range

Plantronics Voyager Focus UC – Noise Canceling

Sennheiser RS ​​120-8 II – Radio Frequency

NuForce BE6i – Low Budget


Top 5 Long Range Wireless Headphones

The Jabra Evolve 65 wireless headphones offer truly wireless audio streaming with an operating range of up to 30 meters from the connected device. You can make calls, listen to your favorite playlist, and more without worrying about your connection being disconnected as you move away from your device.

Jabra Evolve 65 is a wireless headset for professionals that offers convenient use throughout the day. The passive noise cancellation feature takes you to an uninterrupted musical dimension. If you use the headset at the office, it's guaranteed that you won't be bothered, especially given the built-in "busy light" that turns on automatically if you have a call (this helps those around you not to bother while you're in a telephone conversation).

Once the battery is fully charged, you can expect a 10-hour usage period, be it for calls or listening to music. The 30-meter wide range and high-quality microphone make the Jabra Evolve 65 the perfect choice to stay connected wherever you are in the office.


Top 5 Long Range Wireless Headphones 1

It is not easy to find wireless headphones with a range of up to 100 meters. Good luck with Plantronics and their long range wireless headset option – Plantronics Backbeat Pro2. Unlike other wireless headphones, it can give you wireless freedom of up to 100 meters. You can move without interrupting your music.

The greatness of Plantronics Backbeat Pro2 does not stop here. The headphones offer an impressive audio performance, worthy of the most critical audiophile. You can take refuge in your favorite music, especially given the feature of active noise cancellation (ANC).

Plantronics Backbeat Pro2 can cheer you up even the longest day with its rechargeable battery – capable of playing music for 24 hours non-stop. The headset also includes power-saving features, such as hibernation when the headset is out of range of the device, extending battery life.

Extraordinary sound quality, 100-meter range, active noise canceling technology and premium materials used fully justify the price of headphones, BlackBeat Pro2 being unmatched when it comes to long-range wireless audio headphones.


Top 5 Long Range Wireless Headphones 2

The Plantronics Voyager Focus UC is more than just a standard headset. Voyager Focus has some advanced components. The moment you lift your headphones off, the music stops. When you are in a Skype meeting and lift your microphone up or lower your headset, the microphone will mute automatically; all thanks to the smart sensors that Plantronics has integrated into the headset.

The most impressive, however, remains the dynamic noise reduction feature – which remains unmatched for long-range wireless headphones. The upper band and ear pads are very light on the head and ears, so as to bother as little as possible. The audio quality is very good even at a maximum distance of 30 meters.

Another interesting feature of this headset is the OpenMic button, which allows you to put your headphones on your ears while listening to what's going on in the room. Moreover, the battery life is phenomenal, up to 12 hours!

One thing, however, leaves little to be desired, (re) connecting the headphones after they have been inactive for a long time is a bit long. If you plan to use them with Skype, it may take up to 20 seconds before someone calls before the headset is reconnected to your laptop (which may cause you to lose the call and have to call the person). that back)


Top 5 Long Range Wireless Headphones 3

A less conventional option, the Sennheiser RS ​​120-8 II is a wireless headset based on radio frequency (unlike the rest of the products in this article that work on Bluetooth).

The only cable you will need is to connect the headphone transmitter to the source output, such as a TV, receiver, computer, etc. The headphones do not require cables to connect to the base of the transmitter. The wireless range is above average (30 meters), and the signals can penetrate walls, ceilings, working very well outside. So feel free to walk around the house while using it!

At the bottom of the base, there is a switch that allows you to choose between three different channels (the transmitter is able to receive three different frequencies), so you can easily find the channel that offers the best reception. The headset is powered by two rechargeable NiMH batteries hidden in the ear pads of the headphones. All you have to do to recharge the headset is just plug the headphone jack into the base of the transmitter.

The Sennheiser RS ​​120 insulates exterior sounds very well and still manages to surprise listeners with excellent sound quality. Detailed and analytical sound reproduction with a tailored bass response gives you the opportunity to spend hours listening to music without the sound bothering you in the slightest.

When you turn on the connected audio source, the headphones turn on without using any additional buttons or levers. In addition, the headphones turn off automatically to save power five minutes after the power is turned off. So don't worry about running out of batteries!


Top 5 Long Range Wireless Headphones 4

Optomo NuForce BE6i wireless headphones create a reliable wireless connection to enjoy music without interrupting your activities. The 30-meter range guarantees that you will not experience any interruptions in your wireless connection. You can also connect to two devices at the same time.

The NuForce BE6i is protected from water and perspiration with an IPX5 water resistance. This feature is perfect for those who have a very active lifestyle. The headphones enjoy clear audio quality, even on Bluetooth. There is an in-line remote control that makes it easy to customize audio settings. In the package, you can find six sets of silicone ear tips to make sure the pair of headphones fits perfectly.

Finally, the headset battery is rechargeable, allowing a listening period of 8 hours or more (depending on how you use it).

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The common (and misconception) concept is that wireless headset pairs will have some form of lag / delayed sound reception. Although Bluetooth and other wireless technologies may not be as fast as cable, the difference is so small that you can't see it.

Modern wireless technology is almost as fast as wired (cable) and there is no difference in how fast the sound is transferred. In other words, wireless technology is not very good for music at a quality worthy of the most demanding audiophile, but it is perfect for gaming.

As long as you're willing to pay more for wireless technology and don't need the best sound quality, a wireless gaming headset is a great option.

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