Top 6 Best wireless keyboards for gaming with backlight

The best wireless keyboards are those keyboards with a minimalist design that, in addition to mobility and portability, also offer an ergonomic typing position. The best wireless keyboards are silent, have multimedia keys and the battery has a lifespan between 24 and 36 months. Whether you are a graphic designer or a professional gamer or you just want a quality wireless keyboard for the office, it must have certain specifications and features specially designed for each of your needs.

When you decide that you want such a product, you need to consider how it will connect. Whether via Bluetooth or a USB receiver, you need to be sure that it will use the 2.4 GHz radio frequency to avoid any disconnections or interference. A wireless keyboard works on average up to 10 meters away from the USB receiver, so enough to benefit from a mobility bonus at the office. Even if you have a traditional desktop set-up, you can get a plus from such a keyboard, fewer wires lead to less hassle.

If you happen to be looking for several types of peripherals to build an ideal space for gaming. Then we invite you to take a look at our recommendations for the best mice , headphones and maybe even office chairs specially designed for players dedicated to the PC platform.

The Best Wireless Keyboards in 2021

Logitech K270 – Nea Pleasant Recommendation

Logitech G613 Lightspeed – Mechanics

Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic – Ergonomic

Logitech K400 – All in One

Corsair K63 – Gaming / RGB

A + KO1 – Reduced budget


Logitech K270 – Nea Pleasant Recommendation

Top 6 Best wireless keyboards for gaming with backlight

Logitech K270 , following our tests, proved a quality-price ratio that we all want when buying a new product. Although it is a cheap product, its quality does not reflect the price.

The first row is dedicated to volume buttons and media controls, along with the four main buttons: Home, E-Mail, Power and Calculator. Of these, 4, 3 are programmable, and to customize them you will need to install the Logitech SetPoint application.

The keyboard does not have special space to support your palms, but it has two legs in the back, which can tilt it at an angle of 8 degrees, if you prefer. The K270 can be connected to a PC via a USB receiver (2.4 GHz) and does not require the installation of a driver to use.

Although it is not the best keyboard on the list, its use is still very pleasant. The keys can be a bit noisy for some tastes, but the way they feel when pressed is very satisfying (being firmer). At the same time we find a protective layer designed to counteract the discoloration of the keys, so they will look beautiful for longer. We were also pleasantly surprised by the presence of drainage channels that prevent spilled liquids from damaging the keyboard. Of course we recommend maximum care, but this safety net is welcome.

It has an impressive battery life of up to 24 months. So you can practically connect it and without other additional processes you can play Dota 2 or write continuously. All this behind a reliable keyboard and perfectly related to its price, which still offers a little more than it demands.


Top 6 Best Wireless Keyboards 1

Logitech G613 Lightspeed , a mechanical keyboard suitable for both gaming and other activities on a PC. It is an elegant and comfortable product, especially due to the space where you can support your wrists.

At the left edge, you might be bothered by the row of 6 macro keys, used to create specific keystroke sequences. For a short time it is possible that the presence of these keys on the left side will create a little discomfort as it is possible to press them by mistake, but in time you will get used to it. Like any mechanical keyboard, the G613 will be quite noisy until you get used to it.

The keyboard is powered by two AA batteries and can be connected via Bluetooth to 9 devices simultaneously, and you can switch between them via a toggle button. Moreover, for a shortest response time, it can be connected to compatible PCs via Lightspeed technology. It offers a fast and reliable wireless connection. Although wireless keyboards are not widely used in gaming, the G613 is suitable, with a response rate of 0.1s.

The Romer-G keys are pressed quite easily, with a force of 45g, they feel similar to those on the Cherry MX, but they are quieter and return to the initial position quickly and naturally. The sensation offered by them is very satisfactory and the capacity of the keyboard when it comes to games was quite obvious. The short response time and the comfortable position of the hands, all in the team with the way the keys are pressed leaves no cause for concern to those who want to use this model for their routine in games.


Top 6 Best Wireless Keyboards 2

Microsoft's Sculpt Ergonomic keyboard differs from other products by its special design, so that you have a pleasant, relaxing and comfortable experience. Try to reduce the development and symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome that may occur after prolonged use of general commercial keyboards and give you the opportunity to rest your wrists on the palm rest area.

The product is divided by an empty space indicating the delimitation between the keys for the left hand and those on the right, for a correct, comfortable and natural use. The space that divides the keyboard is between keys 6, T, G, B and 7, Y, H, N. If you are not used to this delimitation during typing, it will take a while for you to use the keyboard with pleasure. However, the keys are pressed with little effort, facilitating fast typing without pressure on the wrist or fingers.

The directional keys, the four arrows, are well "disguised" among the other keys. They are usually well delimited by a special dedicated space. But Microsoft Sculpt is out of print. These keys reflect the ethos of the keyboard, that of being as comfortable as possible, are intelligently integrated to be as comfortable as possible for your hands. The Fn key has disappeared and has been replaced by a special line for media checks. thin, quite difficult to use at first, doubled by function keys.

Although it has the number keys included, the Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic keyboard comes with a small, separate Numpad. If you need these keys often, you can position it where it is most comfortable for you, but if you do not need it, you do not need to connect and you can give more space to the keyboard itself.

The product takes time to get used to, but once you succeed, it is worth it, due to the special style and design, the hours spent on the keyboard will not create pressure, and your hands and wrists will appreciate the comfort offered by this keyboard. If you spend a lot of time behind the keys for work, it is worth investing the time to get used to such a keyboard.


Top 6 Best Wireless Keyboards 3

The Logitech K400 wireless keyboard is All in One because you can use it in a multitude of different situations, whether you want to write at the desk or relax in front of the TV, this product can meet your needs. It is a thin keyboard, with an ergonomic shape, so comfortable to use.

The K400 has a small integrated touchpad on the right, 3.5 inches. You can connect it to your TV, whose menu will be simple and efficient to navigate, without the need for a remote control, but you have to adjust the sensitivity of the touchpad according to your personal preferences.

The Logitech K400 can be used on a PC, TV, smartphone, as long as they have the following operating systems that the keyboard supports: Windows 7, 8, 10, Android 5.0 and Chrome OS. When connecting to a PC, if you are not a gaming fan or graphic designer, the keyboard can also replace the mouse, the touchpad also comes with left-click and right-click buttons. Of course it's not great, it can only replace a mouse for small tasks such as browsing the web or closing the media player. Above the touch pad we find three buttons to control the volume.

It's 354mm long, almost the size of a wired model, and the touchpad takes up quite a bit of space, so if you're used to a model with large keys, you may have some difficulty at first.

I tested the keyboard at a distance of 10 meters from the connected device, and it worked well, the signal does not start to be lost unless you exceed 10 meters. With a power supply by two AA batteries, the service life offers long enough, thanks to the on / off button of the keyboard, easy to use and extremely favorable for the battery.

The price-quality ratio is very good, what we have to complain about is the fact that it is a bit noisy, although you don't mind if you have a pair of headphones, we thought that a keyboard meant to sit in the living room should be quieter.


Top 6 Best Wireless Keyboards

The Corsair K63 wireless keyboard comes at a reasonable price, and we recommend it to gamers. Even though it's wireless, the K63 looks, feels and works like a gaming keyboard. It is compact, durable and comfortable.

Behind the keyboard is the Power button and the microUSB port for charging. It has blue illumination under the keys, but not in other colors, because an RGB system would have drastically reduced battery life. The lighting can also be dimmed, or turned off completely, to ensure a longer period of operation.

The keys are easily and quickly raised to the starting position and have a Cherry MX type switch, top technology at the moment. Which makes it easy to press the desired key without any problems or errors and correct recording even in cases where the finger does not press exactly in the middle of the key.

It can also be connected via the Bluetooth option, but it will be slightly inferior to its alternative: a connection via ultra-fast 2.4 GHz wireless technology. We recommend the latest option for maximum performance, the response time is much more reliable.

This model lacks the generic numeric keys on the right side of the keyboard, but being intended for gamers, this is to be expected, if you are in the reference group for sure you prefer more space for the buttons that matter.

Corsair K63 works very well as a gaming keyboard, connects wirelessly and maintains a stable connection with the device to which it is connected while being a very good support for those who benefit from a short response time and a flexibility of the keys, which I understand how important it is to record that Q or R even if you pressed the key only in the corner and very quickly.


A + KO1 – Reduced budget

Top 6 Best Wireless Keyboards 4

A + KO1 is a solution for you if you are not looking for a high-performance keyboard, but a more practical, simple one, to which you do not have to dedicate any special budget. It is a keyboard that we recommend if you are a person who will use it at the office, or at home, for simple tasks.

We noticed that this product is very quiet. Being a budget keyboard, we expected it to be noisier, but the keys were sensitive, didn't need to be pressed too hard and didn't bother the eardrum. Its height can be adjusted according to your preferences.

I noticed that it lacks the LEDs for the Caps Lock and Num Lock buttons, which can be annoying if you are used to it. Although you notice on the screen if you have the Caps Lock activated, the presence of the LED on the button is something we are used to on keyboards. Instead, we have an advantage that, we believe, compensates for this: it is water resistant, so if you spilled liquid on it you do not have to worry. We don't really find resistance features of this type in its budget category, so A + KO1 really wants to offer a long use and a quality ratio that exceeds the price.

So, if you don't want a keyboard full of LEDs to use in gaming or special keys or extra support for your wrists, A + KO1 helps you solve everyday problems in front of your computer, being perfect to perform the basic requirements that you can have from such a product without offering other benefits that raise the price.

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