Top 7 electronic devices for quality sound

Top 7 electronic devices for quality sound

Top 7 Electronic for a Million Sound

The search for the optimal sound is a continuous effort, twinned with the disease. Hardened audiophiles may confirm that the obsession with quality auditions is like a fever. If you want to have the best sound at home, here is a list of equipment we recommend. We will describe what each one does and which categories of clients it is addressed to in particular.

In terms of obtaining the highest quality sound, there are many debatable ideas that promise the ultimate hearing: some recommend quality cables, gilded, others insist that pickups provide the best signal, while according to a special category of audiophiles, the speakers must be placed on special feet, in the shape of a needle, which have the role of minimizing vibrations.

We won't even get into niche discussions, such as which company has the most reliable audio equipment. But, it is worth making a list of devices and accessories that can be bought by anyone who wants high quality auditions at home:

Top 7 electronic devices for quality sound

Power amplifier

Ok, you have an amplifier or a home cinema receiver that turns on your speakers – what good is it to connect it, in turn, to another amplifier, a power one?

Well, you may want something like this for a variety of situations: first, a speaker upgrade – if the Home Cinema receiver isn't strong enough for some large, floor-standing enclosures, then a power amplifier will it can control them, without you giving up your favorite receiver.

Another situation is when you want a passive subwoofer to add strong bass frequencies to the camera speakers you have. The power amplifier will be able to easily control subwoofers of this type. If you want more power and more efficient control of large speakers, such a device is recommended.

Digital-to-analog converter

There are many audiophiles who condemn the quality of the signal coming from computer video cards, especially when it comes to laptop ones. You can greatly improve their sound by using a DAC (digital-to-analog converter), both when listening to headphones and when connecting the computer to an external speaker system.

Many Home Cinema receiver models have built-in converters, but when it comes to headphones, you may want to buy something like this separately. What does the DAC do? It's simple: it takes the digital signal (in pulses of 0 and 1) and converts it into an analog signal, as in the time of tape recorders. The result is a better sound quality, and the difference will be heard quickly when using high fidelity speakers or headphones.

We recommend these electronic gadgets to those who listen to music from the online environment, on the computer, and want an improvement of the signal output from the audio cards.

Audio streamer

Audio Streamers access music streaming services from the Internet, from sites like Spotify, iTunes, Youtube or Deezer. They are specially equipped to find and play content from them, without the need to connect a computer to the audio system. In addition, the sound quality of streamers is far superior to that of phones, tablets, or audio cards built into desktop or laptop systems.

You can find such devices from famous companies in the field of hi-fi, such as NAD, Harman Kardon, Yamaha, Denon or Bang & Olufsen, and the price of some of them can exceed tens of thousands of lei, although there are many budget models. We recommend streamers to all people who prefer accessibility and the huge volume of songs offered by the online environment.

Graphic equalizer

The next entry on our list of electronic gadgets that guarantee quality sound is addressed to people who prefer certain audio frequencies. A graphic equalizer connects to the amplifier and allows you to increase or decrease the volume on as many frequencies as possible.

For example, such a device, if it has 10 bands, will allow the control of the bass at 60 Hertz, followed by a button for 120 Hertz, following the average frequencies 400, 800, 1200, 2500, and the high ones, such as 5000, 7500 and 14,000 Hertz, for example. By moving the respective buttons up and down, you will be able to get the best out of your speakers, depending on your tastes.

Therefore, you can control the sound very well with such a device. But lately, they have become quite rare, as many systems offer virtual, digital equalizers without physical buttons, and these are incorporated into the control interface of the amplifiers. In any case, for demanding audiophiles, followers of the glazing equipment, we recommend looking for these rare pieces of hardware.

Active subwoofer

Want more bass, but don't feel like changing the speakers you currently have? Then you will need an active subwoofer: it will considerably increase the low frequencies in the room, working in tandem with the rest of the acoustic enclosures.

You can find such products starting at affordable prices, and they fit very well even with soundbars (here are some examples compared) . Note: Your amplifier will need to have a special output for this type of speaker. Home Cinema receivers almost have it, but many older stereo amplifiers lack such output.

Gilded cables

If audiophilia has reached a certain pathological threshold, you may begin to look for better cables to transmit the signal from the amplifier to the speakers without loss of quality. We do not recommend investing hundreds of Euros in simple wires, but it is worth trying to pay for thicker or thinner cables, to slightly change the impedance in the system – who knows, maybe the speakers will sound better that way?

Gold-plated connectors are desirable, as gold conducts electricity best and may contribute to high fidelity sound. But, in any case, opinions among audiophile circles are divided on the importance of wires in ensuring signal fidelity.

Top 7 electronic devices for quality sound

CD player / Pick-up (hi-fi signal source)

Ok, at the end, we recommend you to try a CD player or a pick-up, if you really want quality music auditions. Not the other way around, but most audiophiles insist that old audio storage media are superior to digital ones.

It doesn't even hurt to borrow those devices from friends, who knows, maybe you'll like the way it sounds and you'll buy a personal pickup, a branded CD player or – if you really got the hi-fi virus – even a tape recorder. from a famous company, these being sold at prices even over 2000 Euros on the second-hand market.

Experiment with various signal sources, as this is how you will eventually find the sound you want when listening to your favorite artists.

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