Top 8 famous names for gaming laptops -how they got inspired?

Top 8 famous names for gaming laptops -how they got inspired?

The niche of the gaming laptop market is constantly growing and, with it, all sorts of new and new brands appear that you may not have heard of. To make sure you buy a device that carries the games that will appear for the next few years, you will look at the specifications, but also at the names of the component manufacturers, as well as the one that sells a certain model. Here are some famous names.

When investing in a gaming laptop, the name matters as much as the components and the finishes or technologies included. These devices are wonderful, first of all for the special way they look, most of the time, as well as for the fact that they can be configured according to the user's wishes, mostly becoming the "houses" in which the most beloved games of of the year and of those to come. On the profile market there are certain brands that have at least a series of devices for gaming, and we will talk about them today.


Hewlett-Packard has been on the market since 1939, becoming HP Inc. in 2015. by splitting the parent company, being the largest seller of personal computers in the world. It offers both professional and household products, among its current offerings being two series for games, namely Pavilion Gaming and Omen.

The first series is characterized by more affordable prices, with updated specifications, which support titles recently released on the market, while the Omen series offers high-end variants, equipped with the latest processors and video cards, as well as systems powerful ventilation, dual screens or minimum weights.

Top 8 famous names for gaming laptops -how they got inspired?

ACER Predator

It is the series of gaming laptops of the Taiwanese manufacturer, which uses only state-of-the-art processors from Intel, bringing true war machines to those who want them in virtual battles with monsters, soldiers or entire armies. With a special design, equipped with lights, professional coolers and top specifications, these products are sold like hot cakes, being present on the premium profile market, being created by hardcore players for others like them.

Although it appeared on the market niche later compared to other names mentioned in these lines, it managed to conquer a segment through branding, its communication strategy and the experience offered by each product.


The Chinese multinational with a 35-year history in the industry operates in the components and electronics market, producing and selling from laptops to mobile phones, servers, televisions, software and storage.

Its gaming series is composed of Legion models, which start from an average price and reach high-end options, not excelling in terms of design, but having the necessary configurations to run the most important games of the year. And, every time, its devices come with an extended warranty, reason to try them.


This brand that produces and sells everything related to gaming offers peripherals (mouse, keyboard, microphone, headphones), their own consoles, equipment and monitors and laptops described by a specific design, which do not lack light games and coolers necessary to run games smoothly.

Its updated configurations, with quality displays and next-generation video cards, in tune with market launches, manage to attract the public who prefer premium options, but at a relatively high price compared to the competition. There are also ultrabook versions, thinner and less "typing" in terms of shape and LEDs, but also robust options, which are not removed from the addition of any type of accessories.

Top 8 famous names for gaming laptops -how they got inspired?


Origin systems are based on customer needs, being launched in 2009, currently part of the Corsair portfolio, introducing the opportunity to individualize the appearance and technical configuration of the device.

There are 13-inch, 15-inch and 17-inch options, under the chassis there are high-performance video cards and state-of-the-art processors, and the exterior is considered thin and portable, despite its generous dimensions. EON laptops can be equipped with up to 64 GB of RAM to withstand any process, and their performance is very similar to that of a classic PC system.


It is an American brand founded in 1996, being, in fact, a subsidiary of the multinational Dell. Its products focus on the gaming sphere, which is expressed by the special design, which always reminds of aliens. It produces both laptops and consoles and desktops for games, its items having high prices, taking into account the technical configurations.

You have 15-inch and 17-inch variants, to get a good view of what you're playing, inside waiting for the latest processors from Intel and video cards ready to run. In addition, you can replace certain components after a few years, to upgrade the configuration and get everything you can from such a high-end system.


It is designated the most trusted brand by multiple profile media publications, providing high-ranking consumers with six gaming series, namely GT Titan, GS Stealth, GE Raider, GP Leopard, GL and GF Thin, so that any style of game and any preference to be satisfied.

It rivals PC gaming, using state-of-the-art graphics and processing, taking user performance to a new level. And on the official page of the brand you can immediately find your favorite item, choosing directly from the basic specifications such as video card, processor or screen size. Get ready, however, to take a grandma's pocket out of your pocket, because these mobile systems are not exactly the cheapest.

Top 8 famous names for gaming laptops -how they got inspired?


Perhaps the most famous series of ASUS laptops (here are some models compared) for gaming is ROG (Republic of Gamers) which is then divided into G, GL and GX series, which provide desirable screens from 15 inches to 20 inches, thus producing real robust mammoths, but still relatively portable.

Generally, you will find Intel processors in such configurations, but there are also AMD options, just as when it comes to video cards you will find nVidia and AMD Radeon options. Prices differ from one series to another, starting with the average and rising sharply as the components are more recently on the market and capable of better performance.

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