Top 8 virtual keyboard alternatives

Top 8 virtual keyboard alternatives

Technology is advancing a lot and now you can no longer have physical keyboards to write a text, you can opt for virtual keyboards, which offer you all the facilities you are already used to.

There are several reasons why you want to have a virtual keyboard, whether you do not have access to a physical one, or you want to keep up with new technological discoveries and in this article you will find more information about them. Virtual keyboards can be installed on many types of devices and you will see that they are easy to install and use.

Virtual keyboard (computer):

If you no longer want to use a computer keyboard and have installed Windows 10 as your operating system, you have two alternatives that you can easily use:

  • 1. Virtual touch keyboard

If you have a touch screen it is very simple to install this keyboard on the screen, which once installed will be similar to a physical one, giving you all the possibilities to work simply and comfortably.

This is found in the taskbar that you access with the right mouse button. The "Show touch keyboard button" section must be active. An icon with a keyboard will appear in the notification area. Clicking on this icon will open the virtual keyboard.

How do I put diacritics? Along with the icon, you will also have the possibility to add diacritics in case you use them, thus being more convenient to have typing speed.

Top 8 virtual keyboard alternatives

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