Top Netflix series you can watch this spring

Top Netflix series you can watch this  spring

In your free time, whether it's Sunday, a holiday or a regular evening where you want to watch video content, Netflix helps you with various recommendations that you might like. When you're looking for something new – or old – to enjoy for a few hours or weeks from now, here are some of the most popular titles right now.

We all know that free time spent at home is more pleasant in the company of a loved one or family, when everyone enjoys content appropriate to their preferences, and Netflix is one of the portals to which more and more Romanians tend because it provides a wide range of series and movies only good to devour. In this article we present you some examples that are widely appreciated because you can't make a top Netflix series simple, because tastes differ.

Netflix comedies

We will start with the range that brings a smile on everyone's lips, namely comedy, there are many examples of Netflix movies and series of this type. If you want to watch whole seasons of Brooklyn 99 online with subtitles, all you have to do is take into account and enjoy each episode, because it is one of the most popular police series with funny content of the moment.

If you want to see what it's like on the other side of the barricade, in a women's prison, Orange is the New Black offers you seven seasons from one of the best series produced by the streaming platform itself.

Another example that you can enjoy is Jane The Virgin online with Romanian subtitles, because romantic series and movies on Netflix include such translations, for the viewer's comfort.

Other relevant examples of good comedy series are Modern Family with its 10 seasons, Community with six seasons, Derry Girls and The IT Crowd, a British series with four adorable seasons.

Among the classic titles are Friends, The Big Bang Theory and Glee, which are not missing from the charts with American comedy series that any amateur of the genre should see.

Other new series or new seasons worth mentioning are Schitt's Creek, a Canadian sitcom with a rich family that loses everything and The Good Place, which takes place in the Afterlife.

Examples of comedy animations include Southpark, Family Guy, Archer, Big Mouth and Bojack Horseman.

Top Netflix series you can watch this  spring

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