Top photo accessories, whether you are a beginner or an advanced photographer

Have you invested a lot of money in quality photo equipment to live your passion for photography? To succeed in valuable snapshots in all circumstances, you need other elements. Some accessories, which we present here, are essential to get photos as beautiful as those of a professional.

Anyone initiated in the art of photography knows all too well that the idea that if you bought a camera and a lens is enough is false. There is a wide range of accessories that are fast becoming essential photo accessories to complete your camera. When you practice photography and want to progress more and more quickly in its study, you can use these essential accessories.


For perfectly clear photos, the tripod is a must have . This accessory helps stabilize the camera and prevent blurry photos, especially when you are shooting a moving subject or when the light is dim. Even if your device has a built-in image stabilizer, it is still limited, and it won't hurt an extra helping hand. Especially since the photo equipment, especially the professional one, is quite heavy, and you will not feel very comfortable holding it too long in your hand, waiting for the perfect frame.

There are tripods at all prices and all ranges that fit any requirement: light, portable, but unstable; robust and difficult to move, but heavier; foldable, only good to carry in your travel backpack; small, ideal for dining. Choose the one that suits you best.

Top photo accessories, whether you are a beginner or an advanced photographer

Remote control to trigger remotely

No, it's not a joke. If you want to take a selfie, with a panorama behind you that you want to include in the frame and there is no one to help you or you want the photo to be taken with your artistic sense, or if you want to be part of -a group photo in which everyone present participates, this remote control can be a very good solution. You will no longer run to get quickly to your place in the frame, nor will you lose your selfies. In addition, the self-timer means the risk of shaking when the button is pressed manually.

Memory card

When preparing for a photo shoot, regardless of its nature, keep in mind that not all the frames you capture will be able to be stored in the camera's memory. So, you will need a memory card on which you can save your snapshots.

Depending on the camera you have, there are different card formats (the main ones are SD, compatible with most compact models and CF – Compact Flash, for high-performance cameras): make sure you check the model depending on the manufacturer and type your device. Also, don't forget to choose the most suitable storage capacity for your use. Usually the most used are 32 and 64 G cards.

Memory card case

To avoid loss, caused by its small size, or unfortunate accidents that can lead to partial or total damage to the card, and thus the photos stored on it, consider purchasing a card case. Thus, the small accessory will be protected from dust or moisture when it is not in the camera.

Top photo accessories, whether you are a beginner or an advanced photographer

Card reader

Not everyone has a computer with a memory card reader. In order to easily connect the SD storage container or any other type, you can use an external memory card reader. It connects to the computer on a USB port and installs, being automatically recognized immediately. Once installed, you can transfer photos to your computer in the blink of an eye, where you can process or store them securely.

External blitz

All cameras are equipped with a flash when purchased. However, this built-in flash is much less powerful than an external one. When the light is low, an external flash will allow you to shoot more easily, even at night. The most common is a cobra flash, so named because of its shape. Compact and powerful, the external flash will be your ideal ally for perfect photos in all circumstances, so an accessory with which it is mandatory to complete your arsenal to take successful photos.

Spare batteries or accumulator

You are not always close to a power source that will charge your batteries or accumulator exactly when you need it. Especially if you like to take long walks to take pictures in nature, or you are on vacation and visiting new places from morning to evening. And to avoid the terrible frustration you can experience when your device shuts down when you were about to capture the "phase of the day", all you have to do is always have replacement options in your bag. Thus, you will never miss a unique moment to immortalize.

Make sure you have a cheap and good photo bag to transport your camera safely. You can also order, store and carry inside it and in the front and / or side pockets (it would be very useful to be provided with such adjacent storage spaces) all other photo accessories (memory card, battery, charger etc.). Also, it would be preferable to model the bag with a strap, shoulder or backpack, in order to have your hands completely free when you are in the middle of a photo session.

As an extra accessory, it wouldn't hurt to have a handstrap with which your camera will be stable and safe during a photo shoot or waiting for the perfect frame.

Top photo accessories, whether you are a beginner or an advanced photographer

Cleaning kit

The photographic equipment is generally very sensitive to dust and fingerprints, and as a result must be cleaned regularly. But be careful, you can't do this operation anyway and with anything. To make sure that your camera and its accessories are as well maintained as possible, which translates into a longer life, invest in a suitable small cleaning kit and a soft microfiber cloth.

Another "secret" that protects your equipment is to remember to put the cap on the lens after each use, to prevent the accumulation of dust there.

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