top rated laser printers in 2021

Choosing a laser printer can be a really difficult task, because there is a huge variety of products and prices. To help you, we've gathered some information from expert reports and tests so we can pick the 10 best laser printers available on the market right now.




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The Best Laser Printers 2021


The Best Laser Printers 2021 1


The Best Laser Printers 2021


The Best Laser Printers 2021 1


The Best Laser Printers 2021 2


The Best Laser Printers 2021 3


The Best Laser Printers 2021 4


The Best Laser Printers 2021 5


The Best Laser Printers 2021 6


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The printer has become a necessity for any office activity, and sometimes even at home, because everyday life involves printing documents, contracts or making copies of documents. A highly sought after printer variant, due to its multiple advantages, is the laser printer that we will talk more about in this article.

When it comes to buying a cheap and good laser printer , the difficulty arises due to the multiple offers of laser printers on the commercial market and the too short time to analyze them all. Therefore, we offer you some technical information that can be useful in this endeavor, so that you can easily choose the best laser printer that perfectly suits your needs.

The most important technical features of laser printers

Printing capacity

The most important criterion for choosing a laser printer is its efficiency which is measured by several essential parameters:

top rated laser printers in  2021

  • storage capacity expressed in MB (megabytes),
  • number of pages printed per minute (ppm),
  • paper feed capacity.

The higher these values: at least 16 MB of storage capacity, capable of printing 20 pages per minute and allowing a paper feed of at least 150 sheets, the more efficient the purchased printer.

Supported paper size

All laser printers, regardless of their efficiency or manufacturers, have the option of printing on A4 paper, the most widely used paper format. For the office, however, you may need various other A3 or A5 variants, so check the paper size options that the desired printer can print.


top rated laser printers in  2021 Another important criterion that we must take into account is the type of consumable that the printer needs and especially its price. For any type of laser printer you need to refill the ink in a certain amount of time. If you want to avoid various technical problems, we recommend that you only buy original consumables that are compatible with your printer model. In order to avoid such incompatibility problems, it is best to turn your attention to well-known manufacturing companies, companies that are much more attentive both to the quality of the manufacturing materials and to the compatibility issues between printers and consumables.

Compatibility with the operating system

Printer operation also involves installing its drive on a computer. That is why it is essential when choosing a printer to check the compatibility of the printer with the operating system you are using on your computer. The Windows operating system is still the most popular in Romania and works on most of our computing devices in the country. This does not mean that other operating systems such as Mac OSX and Linux are not used, so you need to invest in a printer that has the right compatibility.

Basic and additional functions and options

Any quality laser printer must be able to perform a significant number of technical operations, some basic, some additional. Carefully check the basic functions of the desired printer, but also whether it has other additional options compared to other models.


top rated laser printers in  2021

The quality of a good laser printer is given first by the quality of the printing of documents, which implies a good resolution. Choose printer models with a resolution between 300 and 600 dpi to enjoy this experience.

Duplex printing

With this function you can automatically print back and forth on any document. You no longer have to turn the sheet over by hand after each operation. Duplex printing is a useful feature, especially if you have multiple sheets to print at the office or at home at once.


Every laser printer must have the basic function: copying, and this option must be active, even if the printer is not connected to a computer. Copying must be both black and white and color.

Fax and scanner

The most advanced laser printers also fulfill the role of a fax, extremely necessary especially at the office. To this function is added the scanning function, extremely practical if you want to have a document or a printed image on your computer. They can be saved as a photo, PDF document or document that can be edited.

Photo printing

Choosing a high resolution laser printer can also allow you to print photos at a satisfactory quality. For this operation you will need special, high-quality photo paper.

Color or monochrome printing

top rated laser printers in  2021 Regardless of the desired option, to monochrome print certain texts or color certain important presentations and posters, the chosen laser printer must allow this. In any specialty store you can also find devices with monochrome printing, much cheaper than color ones, but you can also have both variants of printers, according to your needs.

Network connectivity

Depending on the number of people connecting to the printer, it must be your choice. Connectivity is a basic criterion especially for those who use the printer in the office, where they work on several computers. The best printer models allow this connection via WI-FI, which greatly simplifies the connectivity issue.

Warranty and service

An important selection criterion for the desired laser printer is the warranty offered by the manufacturer, which must be at least 2 years. Also, check the existence of a service of the manufacturing company near your house, in case of operation problems. Thus, you will be able to solve, without additional costs, any manufacturing defect.

Choosing an online laser printer is more advantageous

With the most important technical information about printers at your disposal, it is no longer necessary to proceed with its actual purchase. We recommend that you make this investment using the many benefits of online shopping:

you will find the right model much faster, in a much shorter time;

and you will find much better prices and promotions than in a classic store;

you can consult the opinion of other buyers in the review section; thus, you will be able to realize the real quality of the product, having the perspective of a person who has already tested that product.

In these advantageous conditions, choosing the best laser printer for you is much more affordable and the satisfaction of a good purchase is much higher.

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