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What are the best washing machines in 2016? How do you choose a high-performance washing machine?

Top Washing Machines 2016 We have chosen to present in this article the best models of washing machines available on the market at the moment. Every year, manufacturers compete in launching new models that offer improved performance, innovative technologies and energy and consumable savings. Thus, we have chosen for you the best models of washing machines from 2016, combining the characteristics, functionality, opinions of specialists and buyers, as well as the best quality / price ratio.

What you need to know before choosing the right washing machine?

Front or vertical loading?

Both types have both specific advantages and disadvantages. Vertically loaded washing machines are cheaper than front-loading machines with a similar level of performance and function. However, even the most efficient vertical-loading washing machine will consume more water and energy than a front-loading washing machine. The difference will eventually be felt over the life of the car because it will have higher operating costs.
Front-loading washing machines require a little more care and maintenance to prevent mold from forming on the tub, gasket, or detergent drawer. In addition, the washing cycles are usually longer than with vertical loading washing machines.

What washing capacity do you need?

High capacity washing machines can wash several clothes in a single charge, thus saving time, energy and water. However, this does not mean that you have to buy the largest capacity washing machine on the market. For an ordinary household, a washing machine with a capacity between 5 and 7 kilograms of laundry is more than enough.

How much space is available?

Washing machines with high washing capacity will also have more generous dimensions. Before choosing a large model of washing machine, carefully measure the space available in your home. Take care of both the depth and width of the washing machine and its height.

Will you need a washing machine holder?

Front-loading washing machines are excellent when it comes to energy savings and washing efficiency. However, for some people it can be difficult to use due to the fact that you have to bend down a lot to load and unload them. Some manufacturers offer lifting brackets for washing machines to raise the door to a more comfortable height.

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2016 washing machine recommendations

We have chosen for our top several models of super-efficient and technologically advanced washing machines. Investing in a high-performance model ensures a lower operating cost over the life of the device compared to a cheaper option or an older model.

SLIM Hotpoint-Ariston WMSD723B washing machine Samsung Eco Bubble WF8EF5E0W4W / LE washing machine Washing machine Slim 6th Sense Colors Whirlpool AWSX63213
Top washing machines 2021 Top washing machines 2021 Top washing machines 2021
User opinion
Capacity 7 kg 8 kg 6 kg
Spin speed 1200 RPM 1400 RPM 1200 RPM
Energy class A +++ A +++ A +++
Loading type front front front
Number of programs 12 15 12
Systems and technologies Super Silent
Pause Start / Stop
Ecotech Overflow System
Eco Bubble ™
Universal engine
Diamond drum
Clean +
6th Sense Colors technology
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Top washing machines 2021
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