Touchscreen monitors – advantages and disadvantages in 2021

Touchscreen monitors – advantages and disadvantages in 2021

If you want to buy a state-of-the-art monitor, a touchscreen model could be an option. It looks and works in a special way, offers you a pleasant experience, on a generous display, responds quickly to commands and is very useful especially when it comes to a job that involves standing. But it also has a number of disadvantages, among which we mention the fact that it is not really useful, if you want it for gaming, it has high acquisition costs and requires permanent cleaning of the screen.

Touch monitors are an attraction in the modern age we live in. You may be tempted to buy them, but before taking the final step, it is necessary to take into account a series of information such as how they work, the advantages and disadvantages they have or when they are needed. By going through this text, you will find out essential details in such an acquisition.

What are touchscreen monitors and how they work

Such devices are usually found at banks, bars, places where you buy tickets for public transport, but also in homes or offices, of course. A monitor of this type will allow you to control everything by touch, without having to use a mouse or keyboard. But if you want, it is also possible to attach these gadgets.

When it comes to touchscreens, they can be of two types:

Resistive – are the most popular, but also the oldest. It works by means of two foils that have an empty space between them. One is electrically charged, and the other is not. When you press for a certain command, a series of sensors are put into operation and the layers are connected to each other, recording what you want to do.

Touchscreen monitors – advantages and disadvantages in 2021

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