Tox: just like Skype, but in secure version

They spy on us and they listen to us constantly! No conversation escapes them! They know everything about us, and our habits! They even know our sexual preferences! Who ? The NSA , of course, and all the other government agencies around the world. Even they must have a lot of fun reading or listening to some of our most intimate conversations. Yes, and it is precisely for this reason that we must protect ourselves … and use Tox .

Tox has nothing to do with weed smokers. In reality, under this equivocal name hides a solution similar to what Skype, Hangouts and many others offer.

Tox Just Like Skype But In Secure Version

More specifically, this tool was designed to allow several people to chat in real time, through simple text messages, or videoconference calls. It also makes it possible to send media, documents and even voice notes in the easiest way possible, thanks to an interface that is at the same time accessible, intuitive and (relatively) user-friendly.

So what sets it apart from competing solutions?

The answer is simple: Tox encrypts all communications . All? All, absolutely all. No matter what you do with it, in theory no one will be able to intercept your conversations. And be careful because this is a project initiated by hackers, real people, and therefore by connoisseurs. The best is yet to come because the entire software architecture is based on a decentralized system, based on P2P exchanges . So there are no servers behind.

For the moment, Tox is only available in alpha version, but it is possible to enjoy it on the three main platforms of the market. Either on Windows, OS X and Linux. Be careful though because if you want to use it, you will have to persuade your friends to switch to the software as well.

Anyway, if you want to know more about him, the best thing is to go to his site, at this address .


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