Transform your Raspberry Pi 4 into a NES with this 45 € case

If you have a Raspberry Pi 4 at home and dream of turning it into a NES, then here is an offer that should be of great interest to you. It is on the NESPi4 box and it places it at the price of 45.20 € with the code V59AB23E77553000 and a lot of bonus accessories.

The offer is interesting, however the product will be shipped from China, with delivery times that will vary depending on the shipping method chosen. Allow between 15 and 50 days.

Transform Your Raspberry Pi 4 Into A Nes With This 45 E Case
The NESPi4 box will allow you to transform your Raspberry Pi 4 into NES

Please note, the promo put in place is for a limited time and the code will work a given number of times. If it is no longer recognized, it is because it has reached its maximum number of activations.

The NESPi4 box at a knockdown price

The RetroFlag NesPi 4 Kit is complete and it finally includes all the accessories you will need to transform your Raspberry Pi 4 into a NES.

Finally everything, with the exception of the Raspberry Pi 4 which will be purchased in addition. Gearbest is also offering great discounts at the moment, as we saw this afternoon .

The part of choice is the case. It takes over the look of the NES from our childhood and it will suffice to install the mini computer in it to transform it into a console. Be careful, however, because you will of course be responsible for preparing it for this purpose.

Fortunately, there are many dedicated distributions on the market,such as Recalbox which passed seventh at the end of last year .

The box is in any case well thought out and it even has a series of connectors, including two USB on the front. The console power buttons will also be functional and they will allow us to power up the Raspberry Pi.

Better yet, the box has a cartridge drive and the latter will be able to read SSDs. The cartridge sold with it is in fact a box designed especially for this type of device and it will therefore suffice to install a 2.5-inch SSD inside to be able to easily expand the storage capacity of our retro console.

Note that it is bundle 3 which is offered on sale here, a bundle comprising the NESPi4 box, a power supply, a fan, heatsinks, two controllers, a nylon bag, a micro HDMI cable and all the screws that go good.