Transmission is now available on Windows!

Transmission is considered by many to be one of the best BitTorrent clients on the market. The problem was, it was only available on OS X and Linux, so tile crunchers couldn't take advantage of it. Fortunately, this has just changed and the tool is now available on Windows.

The first version of Transmission dates back to September 2005. Annoyed by the complexity of Torrent clients, its creator chose to develop his own solution and he opted for the simplest and most accessible interface possible.

Transmission Is Now Available On Windows

Transmission is available on Windows.

The software was immediately successful and it had no trouble finding its place in the market.

Transmission has been working hard since its launch in 2005

After being embedded on OS X and Linux, the tool was released on FreeBSD and BeOS. Developers then relied on the Qt framework to release an unofficial port on Windows but it had no connection with the publisher.

The latter took his time but he finally decided to launch a new version of his tool on Windows.

If you go to the solution site , then you will see that this version is not yet offered for installation. To download it, you have to go directly to the publisher's repository, by following this link .

Going all the way down the list, you'll find two separate files: transmission-2.92-x64.msi and transmission-2.92-x86.msi .

The first will be installed on 64-bit systems, the second on 32-bit. You just need to download the right file and start the installation immediately to be able to enjoy Transmission on Windows.

The question you are asking yourself is probably to know why the publisher of the solution waited so long to grant us this port. In fact, it's pretty straightforward, the creators of the program came to realize that the only thing their tool was missing was a Windows version.

Suddenly, they decided to roll up their sleeves and work on this version just to please all tile eaters. Now the question is obviously whether it comes with ransomware or not, haha.

I'm joking of course.

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