Trends comparison: Flat monitor versus curved monitor

Trends comparison: Flat monitor versus curved monitor

The choice between a flat and a curved display is made according to clearly established criteria, such as how you perceive the image, viewing angles, light reflection, how you can catch it or not on the wall and so on. If you want to feel part of the action and are looking for a device with good viewing angles, quality contrast and a modern design, go for a curved monitor. If you have a slightly smaller budget and you want a classic device, with a generous diagonal, good resolution and the possibility of easy wall mounting, go for the flat versions.

When it comes to buying a monitor, the hardest decision is the type of screen you opt for, more precisely its shape. You have two options: flat and curved. To make your choice easier, we will present them in the following, telling you what characterizes them, but also what advantages and disadvantages, respectively.

What is a flat monitor

Flat displays are already a habit when it comes to PCs. They replaced the tube ones, which were heavy and provided a lot of heat. Such a device has a simple and pleasant design, offering good viewing angles and allowing you to see the image just as well from several angles, even if you are not standing in the middle of the screen.

Flat monitors are often the preference of people who want to choose from a wide range of products and are ideal when it comes to using several displays next to each other, because they are easier to position and the content easier to view.

What is a curved monitor

Such a screen is a state-of-the-art one, made with the help of a technology called "eye perception", which tries to reproduce the images as real as possible. Thus, the latter seem to be 3D, even if their source is actually 2D. They are especially appreciated by gamers and movie lovers, because the content played seems to surround you, which is very pleasant and offers a great experience.

Trends comparison: Flat monitor versus curved monitor

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