Trombia Free: the new generation autonomous robot cleaner!

Every evening, from April 19 to 27, 2021, the city of Helsinki, Finland, was the test bed for the Trombia Free . This fully electric cleaning vehicle drove around the Jätkäsaari district, specifically Välimerenkatu Street and the Baana Cycle Path, to clean and vacuum the street.

The objective of the test is to assess noise pollution, cleaning efficiency and the limits of the autonomous street sweeper. The test was carried out in the presence of an operator in order to avoid any risk of accident, even if the vehicle has a function allowing it to stop in the presence of an obstacle.

Trombia Free: the new generation autonomous robot cleaner!

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This fully autonomous vehicle can be operated in any weather condition in all modern smart cities. All you have to do is program it on the path to be cleaned and the device will do the rest on its own.

How does the Trombia Free work?

With a cleaning surface of 2.2 to 3 meters wide with gutter brushes, this vehicle can clean between 4,400 and 13,200 m² in 1 hour.

Equipped with a high-performance broom and a blade that blows compressed air, the Trombia Free can remove fine PM2.5 / PM10 dust and clear the streets of heavy debris.

Easy and above all practical to use, it can be programmed in a few steps to clean. The first step is to scan the site. With the memorization of routes, you can either steer it once so that it memorizes the route or directly insert waypoints. Trombia Free will perform its tasks at night.

What are the advantages of Trombia Free?

Being an electric vehicle, Trombia Free has an autonomy of 4 to 8 hours in continuous cleaning at high power depending on the configuration of the battery pack. This vehicle charges 100% in 5 hours on a high power outlet and 15 hours on a 230 V outlet. It does not even consume 1 liter of water per minute of cleaning and cleans up to 96% of dust.

This vehicle does not emit CO2 into the air and it is also very quiet, because at 5 meters distance, the average noise pollution is 73 dB. This allows Trombia Free to work at night without disturbing the sleep and peace of the inhabitants. It travels at a maximum of 6 km / h

Use green energy to clean our streets? A major ecological breakthrough that will delight more than one!

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