Turkey: Ban on ads on Twitter, Periscope and Pinterest

Turkey's Information and Communication Technology Authority (BTK) has started sanctioning Twitter, Periscope and Pinterest since Tuesday, January 19, 2021. Under a new social media law, Turkey bans ads on the three aforementioned platforms.

This is not all, according to the Deputy Minister of Transport, Omer Fatih Sayan, " the bandwidth of Twitter and Pinterest would be reduced by 50% in April and 90% in May ". Note that this other sanction will not apply to Twitter's subsidiary, Periscope.

Turkey: Ban on ads on Twitter, Periscope and Pinterest

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Used by few people, the live streaming app will shut down by March.

Need to appoint local representatives

Taking privacy issues very seriously, Ankara has enacted a new law governing online platforms. All social networks operating in the country have been called upon to appoint local representatives. These persons in question will be responsible for the removal of content that infringes on privacy and personal rights. They must do so within 48 hours of the request.

Some firms like Facebook, VK, YouTube, Linkedin, TikTok and Dailymotion have already expressed their willingness to comply with this law.

Turkey has already warned that social networks that do not bother to appoint a representative will be banned from serving ads in the country. Considering what is happening to Twitter, Periscope, and the photo-sharing app Pinterest, this was not just empty talk.

No to " digital fascism"

Turkey is increasingly toughening its tone against foreign tech companies. The proof is that Ankara recently imposed an administrative fine of 30 million Turkish lira on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. These three networks have reportedly not complied with the law.

The new law also gives more power to the country's electronic communications regulator. If in the past, the authority just blocked access to certain content, with the law in force, it now has the right to remove them.

We are determined to do whatever is necessary to protect the data, privacy and rights of our nation… We will never allow digital fascism and disregard for the rules to prevail in Turkey, ” said the Minister of Transport, Omer Fatih Sayan on Twitter.

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