TV versus video projector-what to choose

TV versus video projector-what to choose

Which is better – a TV or a video projector? It's hard to say, of course. If you are in the balance of this decision, we present here the advantages and disadvantages of each of the two options. We will discuss all the technological and functional aspects, to help you make the best choice.


An ever-evolving electronics market is for entertainment. Thus, more and more consumers are starting to opt for alternative options in terms of home entertainment, moving away from the classic TV and going to video projectors.

Given the space in your home allocated for entertainment, the video projector may be a good choice. Let's discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each:


TV vs. video projector – picture and sound quality

The video projector used for home entertainment can be an ideal choice for cinema enthusiasts. Due to lower prices and expanding video projector ranges for consumers, this device can easily replace a large LCD TV, especially due to a better price.

Depending on the size of your camera, the projection of images and videos can be quite flexible when using a video projector, as opposed to watching them on a TV.

Using a light-colored wall or purchasing a separate screen for video projection, you can enjoy a cinematic experience at home. In terms of watching TV channels or DivX clips, the quality of images viewed on a consumer video projector will be lower than the same images or clips viewed on a full HD or 4K TV.

This is due to the LED technology used by modern TVs, which allows better brightness and contrast on each pixel (point of light).

However, with a more advanced video projector and a good resolution, HD movies can be viewed without problems at the same quality as an LED TV. But such projectors are quite expensive.

Another thing to keep in mind if you want to buy a video projector is the fact that they will not come with high-performance speakers, so you will need a separate audio system. The advantage of TVs is that they have built-in speakers and you don't have to worry about sound.

TV versus video projector-what to choose

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