Tv’s tips and tricks- Tips for a Wireless Connection


Tv’s tips and tricks- Tips for a Wireless Connection

How do you connect a TV to the wireless network? Pretty easy! We explain in detail the best ways to connect, but also the various problems that can occur when connecting a Smart TV to the network. An informed reader is our target, and we want all our readers to better understand technology and how it works.

With the advent of Smart TVs and their growing popularity in the second half of the 2010s, most buyers began to choose this option due to the benefits of their high connectivity. Thus, with the help of a wireless router, your home can become a media center where you can connect all your devices and gadgets equipped with wireless technology.

Smart TVs and wireless technology – Benefits of using Web 2.0 technology

Most new Smart TVs come with the Wi-Fi connection option, which means they have a built-in wireless adapter. These TVs benefit from Web 2.0 technology, which means that their connection is quite fast. It takes a few minutes to set up an Internet connection, but we recommend that the TV be in the same room as the Wi-Fi router.

The biggest advantage of this feature is that you will no longer have a room full of cables. Of course, most Smart TVs also come with Ethernet input, so if you want to connect to the Internet via cable you also have this option. This will ensure a fast connection without any interference that wireless connections may encounter.

Another advantage of using Wi-Fi technology for your TV is that you can place the TV anywhere in the room. This is a pretty big bonus for those who want to mount the TV on a wall with the help of VESA support. Of course, it is ideal to be as close as possible to the socket, but the lack of an Internet connection cable will be an advantage for mobility, in any case.

A notable benefit of using the TV is when you have several Smart devices in the house and you want to use them together. Thus, with specific applications depending on the brand of TV, you can stream images and videos from your phone, tablet or laptop directly on your TV. TV and phone manufacturers such as Samsung and LG offer their own applications that can help synchronize phones with the TV.

Tips to help you connect a WiFi Smart TV


When you do not have minimal knowledge in the field of tech, to connect your device quickly and correctly can be harder than learning to swim or buy an aquarium heater for exotic fish, that is, in short, a real chore. As mentioned above, some electronics manufacturers will have their own applications, which can help connect a phone / desktop PC / laptop to your TV faster.

These applications will use DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance) technology, which allows easy file transfer. In fact, the Smart TV can be used as a second screen for laptops and desktop PCs, depending on their capabilities and operating system.

To connect a phone, laptop or desktop PC to the Smart TV you need a Smart phone, a laptop or desktop PC with Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10, and a Wi-Fi network set up at home with a Wi-Fi router .

Smart TV – connection to Wi-Fi and other devices

Connecting the TV to the Internet is a fairly easy process, given that most new Smart TVs are automatically configured or have a set of easy-to-follow instructions that are presented at the first start of the TV. For the easiest and most reliable Internet connection, the TV can be connected via the Internet cable directly to the router.

To connect to Wi-Fi, most TVs have an easy-to-use menu, which allows you to enter TV settings to configure the network and set it to Wi-Fi instead of cable. The TV will automatically search for the nearest wireless networks. Usually, all you need to know is the home network name and password.

In most cases, the TV will test Internet connectivity automatically. If the test detects a faulty connection, we recommend that you check the network name and the correct password. If even then the connection will not work, it is recommended to restart the TV and the router, followed by the troubleshooting steps described in the technical book.

The TV can also be used as a secondary monitor for laptops via the wireless connection. In the case of Samsung and LG TVs, they come with some specific applications that allow this (Smart things, respectively SmartShare). However, Windows 7/8/10 laptops and desktop PCs have the option to connect a wireless display as long as the devices are on the same network.

TV and wireless connection – Potential challenges

Being relatively new technologies, many buyers are not yet accustomed to Smart TVs and devices and may have difficulty connecting and setting them up. One of the problems can be encountered when you want to use awireless LED TV in another room than the one where the router is in the house.

Although the signal of modern routers is quite strong and can easily pass through ordinary walls, buyers living in the house may experience problems with connectivity when the TV is on another floor or in a remote part of the house.

For this situation there is the solution of ethernet adapters that can be used at the socket (powerline adapter). A kit for this solution includes two adapters and two ethernet cables, one of which will be connected to the router and the other will be connected to the room where you want to have Internet.

Tv’s tips and tricks- Tips for a Wireless Connection

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