TVShow Time is coming to Chrome!

TVShow Time is very popular with all series fans and it makes sense since it keeps track of all the episodes a user views . Convenient, especially for those who tend to juggle several dozen sets.

Until now, to take advantage of this tool, you had to install a mobile application (iOS / Android) or go directly to the service. Good, but it will be even easier now thanks to this new extension developed for Chrome.

Tvshow Time Is Coming To Chrome

TVShow Time is now available in Chrome, thanks to a dedicated extension.

It will actually save you precious time since you will no longer need to take your phone out of your pocket or open a new tab in your browser to take advantage of the platform's functions.

A tool capable of automatically recording your progress in the series you follow, and an anti-spoiler filter as a bonus

You just have to click on the button located in the toolbar of your favorite browser to mark an episode.

The extension will be able to analyze the page you are on and thus determine which series you are watching. The series, but also the episode. The best is yet to come because it will be able to mark it automatically after 20 minutes and you will therefore not have to do anything to record the progress of your series.

Well at least for those you watch on legal platforms.

This might not be the first time you've heard of this expansion and it makes sense since it hit the market last month. However, the TVShow Time team has just rolled out a new update to the tool, with another big improvement: an anti-spoiler filter .

The extension will thus be able to hide all publications of this type on Twitter and Facebook, depending on your progress in the series you follow.

In this day and running , it's rather good news and also noted that TvShow Time is not the only one interested in this kind of functions because Google has filed a patent in this direction recently.

Anyway, if you want to install the app, it's not complicated, just go to this page .

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