Twitter boss speaks out about Donald Trump's definitive ban

Twitter has lost one of its most influential users, once followed by millions of people. Donald Trump was definitively banned by the social network following the attack on the Capitol by some of his supporters. The 45th President of the United States had widely called for this insurgency on Twitter , while his mandate was punctuated by numerous publications that were already breaking the rules. Following this decision, the social network has been criticized by many users , not understanding that a private company is cutting the word of a political leader .

And today, it's Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter, who is speaking on his personal account.

Twitter boss speaks out about Donald Trump's definitive ban

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The man returns to the ban on Donald Trump and justifies himself on many points.

Jack Dorsey agrees that Donald Trump's ban is a failure

Donald Trump is no longer welcome on Twitter and his supporters are migrating to Speak, taken offline by Amazon . A decision criticized, many arguing that a politician does not have to be muzzled by a private company. The speech of Jack Dorsey, head of Twitter, was therefore eagerly awaited. And it is now done on his personal account.

I believe it was the right thing to do for Twitter. We faced an exceptional and difficult situation, forcing us to be on the side of public safety. The events that took place offline ( note: the attack on the Capitol following Donald Trump's call ) were real, which motivates us to apply our policy.

But Jack Dorsey also believes that Donald Trump's ban remains a failure, fueling the division – the very close score between the 45th President of the United States and Joe Biden was already one example.

The Twitter executive also believes that healthy debate cannot take place following such a decision and acknowledges that " it creates a situation that appears dangerous: the power of a person or company over part of the global exchange "

A rather surprising step back on the part of Jack Dorsey, Twitter having been accused of muzzling the speech of a political leader as a private company.