Twitter chased by blackmailed teen

Twitter is currently at the heart of a new scandal. Indeed, the famous social network is being pursued by a teenager who has been the victim of sexual blackmail. When he was only 13 years old, the latter was tricked by traffickers who impersonated a 16-year-old girl to extract sexual photos from him on Snapchat.

The traffickers then used these clichés to blackmail him. They then managed to obtain a pornographic video which showed the teenager with another minor. Unfortunately, this video landed on Twitter . It has been retweeted thousands of times and has had at least 167,000 views on the platform.

Twitter Chased By Blackmailed Teen
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Much to the teenager's chagrin, Twitter did nothing to prevent the video from being released.

Twitter refused to remove the video

According to the complaint filed by the teenager and his mother, Twitter refused to remove the video despite its sexual content.

“When Twitter was first alerted to the existence of this video and the complainant's age, he refused to remove it,” it read.

The platform is now accused of exploiting the sexual abuse suffered by the complainant. It took the intervention of federal agents from the Department of Homeland Security for Twitter to take action against the accounts that shared this video.

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The complainant demands damages

Twitter did not directly comment on this matter. Instead, a spokesperson for the platform told Fox News that the social network has "zero tolerance for content that promotes sexual exploitation of minors." "The statements of the teenager who complained against the platform yet suggest otherwise.

His complaint contains an excerpt from the discussions he had with the moderators of Twitter on January 28, 2020. When he requested the removal of the video in which he appeared, the social network replied that it "found no violation of our policies, then no action will be taken this time. "

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The teenager then responded with the following message:

"What do you mean by you don't see any problem?" We are both minors now and we were minors at the time this video was taken. We were both 13 years old. "

Today, he demands that Twitter pay him damages.

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