Twitter: How to write 280 character tweets now

Twitter has chosen to raise the threshold for the number of characters allowed to 280 characters, down from 140 at present. At the moment, only a handful of people can take advantage of this function, but it is quite possible to force fate a little thanks to a trick quite easy to implement.

The news had the effect of a real earthquake on the web, the bird social network finally decided to double the length of the messages exchanged on its platform and thus pass the limit to 280 signs.

Twitter How To Write 280 Character Tweets Now

However, this new feature is not yet available on all accounts.

Twitter reserved the 280 characters for a few handpicked users

True to form, the American giant has indeed chosen to start by testing the thing with a few handpicked users and it is therefore very possible that you will not be able to enjoy it at home.

No need to panic or howl your anger in the face of the world though, as one internet user has developed a script to activate the feature on any account in seconds.

To start, you will need to get the bookmarklet developed by Juliette Pretot, a bookmarklet available on this page . You will therefore have to place your mouse cursor on the rectangle entitled “Tweet 280” and keep the left button pressed to drag it in the direction of the favorites bar of your browser. Once in place, all you have to do is release the button to validate the movement and see a new button appear in your magnificent browser.

A tip to activate the function on any account

Then, you will have to go to and identify yourself to your account. When this is done, all you have to do is click on the famous bookmarklet obtained in the previous step and start writing a new message. The number of characters allowed will be increased to 280, so you will have a little more room for your prose.

It should still be noted that a developer had also developed a script for Tampermonkey in order to remove this limit. However, Twitter has since rolled out an update and the script in question is no longer functional at this time.

If you know of another method to get around the limits put in place by the service, there's nothing stopping you from showing up in the comments of this article, of course.

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