Uber Fires Postmates Employees, Company CEO Decides To Leave

While Uber is an efficient food delivery and ride-hailing company, the latter is heavily criticized for several reasons . The low salary received by couriers and drivers is regularly at the heart of controversy, as the percentage that the company grants itself, as well as the difficult working conditions, especially in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. Because with their precarious status, those considered to be equal to Uber on paper, but not in fact, do not hesitate to voice their discontent. And today, it is the staff of a company owned by Uber who are talking about a decision that makes a lot of noise.

As The Verge reports, the company has decided to lay off 185 of Postmates' employees.

Uber Fires Postmates Employees, Company CEO Decides To Leave

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But that's not all since the head of Postmates has meanwhile decided to leave the ship.

Uber lays off 185 employees without explaining the reasons for this decision

This is a rather unexpected decision on the part of the giant Uber, a major digital player. The company laid off 185 employees at its subsidiary it acquired last July, Postmates . Company executive Bastian Lehmann has also decided to leave the ship, along with several senior executives. A stir at Postmates? It would seem, while Uber has yet to communicate about it.

As a reminder, it was last July that Uber offered Postmates for $ 2.65 billion . Like UberEats, it is a meal delivery service. The company has in mind to grow in this increasingly major market. To support these comments, we can mention the 135% increase in orders for UberEats between 2019 and 2020, the pandemic being undoubtedly not unrelated to it . On the VTC side, Uber is doing much less well with a halving between the two years (COVID-19 is also a plausible explanation) …

Despite its best efforts and a strong brand, Uber is far from dominating the market with UberEats. While the acquisition of Postmates has enabled it to progress, it is still DoorDash that is a leader . A service much less known in France but which is a hit in other regions, especially in the USA. DoorDash has 48% of the market share compared to 35% for UberEats.

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