Ubiquiti victim of a breach, change your passwords

Launched in 2005, Ubiquiti manufactures and supplies routers and internet access technologies to countless businesses and individuals. Recently, the firm announced to its customers by means of an email that their data is not secure.

Indeed, following a breach reported at one of its third-party cloud hosts , the confidential information of many Ubiquiti users could have been at the mercy of malicious people. Even if according to Ubiquiti , it is not yet a certainty.

Ubiquiti Victim Of A Breach Change Your Passwords

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However, in order to protect them, Ubiquiti invites its customers to change all their passwords and to strengthen the security of their devices. In addition, the firm apologized to its users, while stressing that the security of their data remains one of its priorities.

A breach that "probably" exposed confidential information

In its email, Ubiquiti therefore declares to its customers that it has recently become aware of a possible data leak, coming from one of its cloud providers. The company claims, however, that no user has so far been hacked. However, the threat is not yet entirely eliminated.

Presumably, the information that could have been exposed through this breach concerns the name of Ubiquiti users, their email address as well as their encrypted password. And for the users who communicated them, the addresses and phone numbers are also added to this list.

At the moment, although Ubiquiti assumes that this information has not been revealed, this possibility is not completely excluded. In order to protect its customers who might be worried, the firm invites them to review and strengthen the security of their facilities.

Ubiquiti invites its customers to change their passwords among other steps

Firstly, Ubiquiti advises its users to change the passwords they use to log into various websites. The firm also invites its users to use two-factor authentication. Thanks to these steps, their data will be safe and they will not have to worry about the impacts of this breach.

Finally, still in this email, Ubiquiti also made a point of apologizing to its customers following this incident while stressing that the security of their data remains the priority in its approach.

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