Ubisoft is preparing an open-world Star Wars game in partnership with Lucasfilm Games

We are barely recovering from the bombshell of a few days ago that LucasFilm Games is once again relaunching the hype machine: the video game division of Disney dedicated to video game adaptations of the LucasArt licenses has just announced the development of a Star Wars open world game developed by one of the Ubisoft studios via Wired – a first in almost 8 years of exclusive cronyism with Electronic Arts.

A studio has already been announced to develop what promises to be the next big title of the franchise on video game support: the Swedes of Massive Entertainment, with the success of their babies Tom Clancy's The Division , will be in charge.

Ubisoft is preparing an open-world Star Wars game in partnership with Lucasfilm Games

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It is also Julian Gerighty, director on this second episode of the military-delirious TPS franchise, who will officiate as regular Squad Leader.

However, we should not expect a deluge of information of all kinds; Much like the other recent announcement from LucasFilm Games regarding the new game adapted from the Indiana Jones universe, the details are closely kept under wraps. It must be said that this Star Wars Guillemot style will not see the light of day anytime soon: the armies of Massive Entertainment are still facing recruitment. It is quite possible that this world will only open to gamers after the end of the exclusive contract between the Star Wars license and Electronic Arts – another major force in the industry …

Love lasts ten years

However, the green light given to this new project does not imply the total end of the partnership between Electronic Arts and the Star Wars license. This partnership established in 2013 and supposed to last a decade grants the exclusive rights to adapt the Star Wars license into a video game, for a mixed record at the present time with the general public and critics. While some titles published under the yoke of the publisher and its in-house developers clearly stand out, EA took time to be consistent in its productions until very recently.

For all the great successes like Star Wars Jedi: Fallon Orde r we find other projects with clumsy communication – the pre-launch cycle of Star Wars Battlefront II – behind cemeteries of mobile games released so quickly forgotten. What remains of Star Wars: Commander , Galaxy of Heroes , Uprising or Force Arena ? Perhaps the most lasting memory of the legacy will be the unfinished projects, with the canceled Star Wars 1313 of 2012 in mind; this great solo project announced with fanfare during the announcement of this agreement which will ultimately never materialize with the exception of a few trailers now relegated to the annals of “what if”.

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