Umbrella Academy: Sparrow Academy Students Presented By Netflix

Good news for Umbrella Academy fans. Netflix has just unveiled the cast of Sparrow Academy !

Season 3 of the American television series developed by Steve Blackman for Netflix is taking shape. As you might expect – information having been revealed by the end of Season 2 – the new Umbrella Academy episode salute will see the presence of a new team: the Sparrow Academy. Indeed, in the second season, when the members of the Hargreeves family returned in 2019 after a trip down memory lane, to the 60s, they were surprised to discover this alternate version of their academy. Now, thanks to Netflix, we know a lot more about the mysterious siblings season 3 will introduce.

Umbrella Academy: Sparrow Academy Students Presented By Netflix

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While waiting for the new chapter, the American streaming giant invites us to discover the cast of Sparrow Academy.

Seven members

Like the Umbrella Academy, the new team / family consists of seven members, all six of whom will each be assigned a unique number. First of all, there is Sir Reginald Hargreeve. The character played by Colm Feore has indeed survived the apocalypse. Ben is also in the game. This time he's not # 1, but # 2, his old number having been assigned to Marcus (Justin Cornwell) who is described as a colossus who "exudes confidence and leadership without ever having to raise his voice. ".

Fei, played by Britne Oldford, is number 3 at Sparrow Academy. She is a misanthrope, but still wants to "have a friend". Jake Epstein puts himself in the shoes of Number 4. According to his description, he is a character who has a certain similarity to Diego (David Castaneda), in particular because he bears the marks of the battles in which he participated.

"A romantic and a dreamer"

Genesis Rodriguez plays Sloane or Sparrow # 5. She is described as a "romantic and dreamer who feels a higher cosmic calling". She faces family obligations all the time, sometimes limiting her availability. Number 6 is played by Cazzie David. Described as "a loner hidden under a hoodie, whose only friend is Alphonso", the character possesses a frightening growl.

The last member of the family is intriguing to say the least. This is Christopher who is a telekinetic cube. He serves as an Oracle and mediator for the Sparrow Academy. Note that the filming of season 3 of Umbrella Academy should begin next month in Toronto.

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