An iPhone 13 without a notch for your viewing pleasure

The iPhone 13 should not ignore the notch. If we are to believe the usual color noises, the latter should be narrower, but it should indeed not be counted on its disappearance. Blame it on the profusion of sensors it houses. Sensors without which Face ID wouldn't really be Face ID.

But now, unlike engineers, designers do not need to bother with these kinds of considerations.

An Iphone 13 Without A Notch For Your Viewing Pleasure
The iPhone 13 would look good without a notch, right?

The proof by example with this borderless iPhone 13 imagined by ConceptsiPhone.

An iPhone 13 without a notch

This time, therefore, no notch in sight. The screen occupies the entire front of the device and is simply surrounded by a black border one or two millimeters wide, a border that separates it from the metal edges.

The result, in any case, impresses. Deprived of its notch, this iPhone 13 seems more slender, more refined. An impression reinforced obviously not the wallpaper set up.

No big changes on the rest however. The iPhone 13 from ConceptsiPhone still has a flat edge, edges tinted the same color as the back of the device. Here, of course, we find a matte finish with four colors to choose from: white, space gray, blue and gold. With a brighter shade on the current gold model for the latter.

A concept that lacks realism, but still has style

The photo module is still imposing and it once again takes the shape of a square with rounded corners. However, the arrangement of the sensors is changing. The four integrated sensors are indeed all aligned on a grid, a choice that is not necessarily happy.

On our side, in any case, we prefer the arrangement of the sensors of the iPhone 12 Pro.

In the end, this iPhone 13 is certainly not lacking in charm and it at least has the merit of showing us what an iPhone without a notch would look like. Now all that remains is to wait for Apple to find a way to miniaturize the Face ID sensors … or place them directly under the screen. A subject that seems to interest him .

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