Uncharted: Pandemic obliges, the feature film is postponed to 2022

Movie adaptations of video games were once scoffed at for shoddy movies. With rare exceptions, such as the first Silent Hill, players have often bitched against these works off the mark. We can easily cite the film adaptation of Mario, a real textbook case, the Resident Evil franchise in the cinema or even Monster Hunter, which angered Chinese spectators following a racist reference . But now the studios seem to have found the formula that works . Evidenced by the success of Sonic, with an official sequel , and the many upcoming projects like The Last of Us on HBO which is entitled to a new director .

In the wake of the upcoming adaptations, we can also mention Uncharted with Tom Holland (Peter Parker of the MCU) whose filming is finished.

Uncharted: Pandemic obliges, the feature film is postponed to 2022

Credit: Naughty Dog

Unfortunately, and pandemic obliges, its release is postponed to 2022.

New film postponed in the midst of the global health crisis

Uncharted has bad news for their fans. The film, which stars Tom Holland as a young Nathan Drake, is postponed. We will have to wait until 2022 to discover this film adaptation when Sony seems to have found the winning formula. When we know that the studio publishes Uncharted, developed by Naughty Dog, fans can remain hopeful. In the USA, the new release date is set for February 11, 2022. Nothing from France.

Unfortunately for Sony, suffering the full brunt of the COVID-19 pandemic and the closure of theaters, several other films have been postponed . We are talking about Ghostbusters Afterlife but above all Dying Can Wait, the next installment in the adventures of James Bond. Daniel Craig will play the famous British secret agent one last time on October 8, 2021, if all goes well.

Morbius will be released on January 21, 2022. Jared Leto plays the vampire of the Spider-Man universe, as Sony tries to set up a connected universe.

And speaking of Spider-Man, it's precisely Ruben Fleischer who directed Uncharted . The filmmaker is best known for directing Venom in 2018, an iconic antagonist of the Marvel universe played by Tom Hardy on the big screen.

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