A war in space would be catastrophic

The colonization of space is not yet for tomorrow, but it is still progressing rather well when we see the efforts currently being made by countries and space companies.

But while many are already eager to travel across the galaxy (and even elsewhere in the Universe!), Some are quite concerned about what that could involve: the arms race in space … and if the countries were also waging war in the stars?

A War In Space Would Be Catastrophic
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According to the site The Conversation, this would be a real disaster, hence the importance of strengthening cooperation between the various Earth nations now.

Cooperation between countries and not confrontation

Two years ago, when Donald Trump announced the creation of the US Space Force , the President of the United States spoke of space as the “new area of war”. Trump had also made no secret of his intention to establish “American domination” even in the stars.

However, The Conversation rightly believes that it is this spirit of competitiveness that could lead to space wars and confrontations one day. The best would be for countries to cooperate to conquer space rather than tear each other apart. The United States could then place itself as a leader to bring together the different nations and thus promote a peaceful conquest of space.

Towards the establishment of strict regulations?

When humans began to venture out of Earth's atmosphere, nations agreed to sign the “Outer Space Treaty”. For more than 50 years (since 1967), the latter has made it possible to guarantee peace by preventing any risk of military confrontations in space, by arguing in particular "for the benefit and interest of all countries".

So to prevent the stars and the Universe from ever becoming the scene of a bloody war between different human nations, The Conversation believes that it would be best to act now. The ideal would be to establish international rules and practices relating to any military use of space, which States would be required to adhere to to the letter.

If from today, countries adopted the right space policy, not only would they be able to meet terrestrial challenges more easily, but also set up “positive space activities” which would be beneficial for everyone! It remains to be seen whether some rivals will manage to put their differences aside so that Man can finally conquer space.

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