Valve buries SteamVR support for macOS

Bad news for macOS SteamVR users. Valve has announced the discontinuation of support for Apple's OS.

This is information that is sure to disappoint SteamVR macOS customers. In fact, Valve will no longer provide support for the Cupertino firm's platform. In a post on its website, the American video game development studio based in Bellevue, Wash., Explains the reason for this decision : “SteamVR has ended support for macOS so that our team can focus on Windows and Linux ” .

Valve buries SteamVR support for macOS

Valve announced the discontinuation of SteamVR support for macOS

SteamVR support for macOS has therefore been buried to allow developers to better focus on Microsoft's OS and the famous open-source platform.

It should be noted, however, that this announcement does not mean a permanent end to support for SteamVR games on macOS.

In fact, Valve will only stop rolling out updates for macOS support.

A relatively small share

Mac players will therefore be able to continue to enjoy existing titles, but will no longer have access to future updates of the platform.

“We recommend that macOS users continue to opt for the SteamVR [macOS] branches to access legacy versions , Valve noted.

To say the least, this company's choice to end support for macOS is hardly surprising considering that macOS users typically consume fewer video games than Windows and Linux gamers. According to an internal survey by Valve itself, Mac gamers make up just 4% of all SteamVR members.

An understandable decision

Admittedly, this is a choice that will not fail to disappoint more than one, but due to this small share of SteamVR Mac users, we fully understand the new strategy undertaken by Valve.

It remains to be seen if the studio will ever change its mind. In any case, the most knowledgeable macOS gamers are no doubt hoping that Valve will reverse its decision as soon as possible.

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