Video cards comparison For All Budgets

Video cards are the PC components that enjoy the most attention from gamers, with the processor clearly in second place. We advise you not to sacrifice too much of the budget for the processor or the rest of the parts in favor of the video card, although extremely important, it is still only a component of the total of a Desktop. It would be a shame to wake up in the situation where the open game does not require the video card at all (being very expensive), but instead overloads the processor. Such a scenario guarantees unstable framerate, with annoying spikes and as a result an unpleasant experience behind the screen.

A video card suitable for the level of games you play, in a team with a suitable processor, will provide a much more satisfactory quality. But as we already know, from year to year the specifications required by the new games increase, and this means that a mediocre board today will not be very useful in 2-3 years. If you do not sell new titles and you have a favorite game that is already released, you can be satisfied with a less demanding card, but a strong video card guarantees a longer duration of use, which is also relevant for the titles that appear. In addition, even if you only intend to play Dota when choosing the board, over time a new game may appear in your favorites and it doesn’t hurt to be prepared for that as well.

The decision is yours, we have seen the current offers on the market, tested them and created this list in which we have included the best video card offers of the moment.

Always check the compatibility of the parts before buying any PC component.

The Best Video Cards in 2021

GTX 1660 Ti – Nea Pleasant Recommendation

Radeon RX 580 – Alternative Recommendation

Radeon RX 5700 XT – Premium Gaming

GTX 1050 Ti – Minimum required

Radeon RX 550 Pulse – Reduced Budget


GTX 1660Ti – Nea Pleasant Recommendation

The Best Video Cards For All Budgets

A video card that offers a value for money hard to match. Its launch changed the market quite significantly, up to that point the amounts needed for a similar performance being much higher. GTX 1660Ti offers perfect power for 1080p quality and can easily run most esports titles with an average easily exceeding 60 fps.

If you are interested in gaming at over 60 frames per second and higher quality than 1080p then you will need to opt for an more expensive board like the Radeon RX 5700 XT or GeForce RTX 2060 SUPER . But if you’re not looking for such a demanding board, but want to be sure that it can withstand the challenges of the gaming world, then the GTX 1660Ti might be the right choice.

This model was created for gamers and is between the 10 and 20 series in terms of performance. After testing, we found that it is 30% faster than its predecessor GTX 1060 6GB and only 4% slower than the GTX 1070 (which also requires a much larger budget). Precisely because of these results, we decided to designate it as our choice.

The Fps obtained were, as we expected, impressive. On maximum settings I ran: Dota 2 and League of Legends, with an average of over 160 frames; CS GO and Fortnite also failed to create any difficulties, 160 and 130 fps respectively; GTA V gave us an average of over 70 frames per second; PUBG went extremely enjoyable, 95 fps and Overwatch reached 110 fps. We were tempted to find its limits, so we also opened Ghost Recon Wildlands, which still ran on Ultra with an average of over 50 frames. Battlefield 1 with settings on Ultra exceeded 125 frames.


Radeon RX 580 – Alternative Recommendation

The Best Video Cards For All Budgets 1

This board was launched to compete with Nvidia’s GTX1060 6GB , being 9 months younger and just as capable of providing the same gaming experience for less funding. It is currently in the shadow of the GTX 1660Ti in terms of performance, but may as well be considered by the cautious gamer who wants the best possible offer.

Due to the current market position between the two GTX models mentioned above, there are chances to find more tempting offers for this model. If we remove the discounts from the equation, the right choice is clearly GTX 1660Ti but it is worth paying attention to the prices for Radeon RX 580 . This board is able to offer an average fps of over 60 in all popular titles, even if its rival (1660Ti) would produce a higher score, as long as it is not below 60 we have no reason to be dissatisfied. For games that would overload the RX 580 , a much stronger board than the 1660Ti is recommended anyway.

It’s pretty clear that for a more pretentious title you need to lower the settings to a less demanding level. But for a PUBG or Dota 2 game, or maybe even a session in Far Cry 5 or The Witcher 3 (both offered over 60 on maximum settings) you can rely on the Radeon RX 580 without worry. If your requirements are milder and by chance the prices, then this model is a great choice, but without a noticeable difference in price there is no point in taking your eyes off the GTX 1660Ti .


The Best Video Cards For All Budgets 2

This board is at the forefront of AMD for 1440p gaming experiences. With an innovative architecture and extraordinary power, Radeon RX 5700 XT is an ideal partner for those who are always looking to try new appearances and who always want quality graphics and a stable framerate.

Although Nvidia’s RTX 2060 SUPER should have exceeded the capabilities of the Radeon RX 5700 XT , our tests indicated a failure in this mission. Being cheaper and more powerful, the RX 5700 XT clearly wins the battle with its rival and thus becomes one of the safest choices for serious gaming. If you can invest an amount of this caliber then be sure to get back a mini power plant that will revitalize the experiences of any title.

Needless to say, the fps in the popular titles, no MOBA or mainstream battle-royale can cause any difficulty to run at maximum settings. Assassin’s Creed Odyssey on Ultra high offered 85 fps (1080p) and 70 (1440p). Battlefield 1 showed an average of over 60 fps and with 4K settings, the same can be said about Far Cry 5. Crysis 3 did not create any discomfort 89 fps (1440p) and Ghost Recon Wildlands showed us 67 fps (1080p ) and 54 (1440p) but everything was put on Ultra.

If you want a video card that can withstand any current challenge and the latest cards are still too exorbitant, you can be sure that an investment in Radeon RX 5700 XT will solve any gaming-related need for a long time.


GTX 1050Ti – Minimum Gaming Required

The Best Video Cards For All Budgets 3

If you are not ready for a more serious investment, but you would still like to be able to play a more demanding title, then get acquainted with GTX 1050Ti . The video card which is currently the cheapest alternative that still offers a stable and pleasant experience at the right settings.

Don’t expect extremely high scores in front of demanding games, the ideal titles for this board are the most popular, only they can run at maximum settings without sudden declines or poorer averages. CS GO showed us an average of 120 fps and Fortnite offered 75 fps. League of Legends and Dota 2 showed us 130 and 100 fps, respectively. GTA V and PUBG managed to bring lower averages, about 45 fps but on the maximum settings, a few adjustments in the graphics options will bring the average over 60. Overwatch delighted us with an average of 70 fps. Battlefield 1, with the settings on Ultra, produced an average of 58 fps, so satisfactory. Crysis 3 on Very high gave a score of 44 fps very close to the average obtained on Ultra in The Division (46 fps). FarCry Primal averaged 40 fps overall on Ultra and Ghost Recon Wildlands managed on Very high to deliver an average of 37 fps. The Witcher 3, set to Ultra, showed an average of 38 fps.

These scores clearly show that you will not be able to play many titles on the maximum settings, except for the best optimized or easier to play. So for stability and smooth gameplay you need to sacrifice more visual details, but that does not mean you can not enjoy that game, as long as you find a satisfactory agreement between the requirements of the game and the graphics provided, the hours will fly behind the screen without encountering difficulties from the GTX 1050Ti .


The Best Video Cards For All Budgets 4

This board is for those who clearly know what games they intend to play for how long they will use it. Being cheaper and consequently lower in terms of performance like other mentions in the list, Radeon RX 550 Pulse is perfect for more reserved gamers, interested in games that do not require much from the system.

If you do not plan to open new games and you know that you are satisfied only with World of Tanks, CS GO, League of Legends or similarly expensive titles, then you can opt for a milder budget board like RX 550 Pulse . I got on maximum settings and 1080p quality over 80 fps in CS GO and League of Legends, Dota 2 was also playable, extremely intense moments caused a drop below 60 but this would not happen with more settings low. To follow the test method in the article we will display the results keeping the settings on Ultra. That being said we have the following averages: GTA V – 30 fps; The Witcher 3 offered 40 fps; Battlefield 1 – 50 fps; Farcry 5 – 42 fps; PUBG – 45 pfs (slightly heavier in areas with many players); Assassins Creed: Odyssey averages 23 fps.

If you are not completely satisfied with what you offer and want more, our recommendation is to keep the funds for a better model. But if you know clearly that you will not ask for more from this board and the games you intend to open will not suddenly change into newer titles, then you can opt for Radeon RX 550 Pulse considering that it has some pretty felt limits, but which include a satisfying Fortnite or Dota 2 session.

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