Vine, Evernote and Duolingo are available on Chrome! OS

Chrome OS is gaining traction. Chromebooks are selling better and better and they have even become fashionable. No doubt, their future looks bright. And more from today. Why ? Quite simply because it is now able to run applications natively designed for Android . Four of them have even just landed on the Chrome Web Store elsewhere …

If you have completely missed it, it should be remembered that this great adventure began during the last Google I / O, when the firm lifted the veil on a particularly ambitious project aimed at transposing the applications from the Play Store to Chrome OS.

Vine Evernote And Duolingo Are Available On Chrome Os

The name of this project? App Runtime for Chrome, and everything is explained in this video posted on the company's channel. In the language of Shakespeare and Doctor Who, of course. Or rather Britney Spears, actually, but that doesn't matter.

Only four applications … for the moment

To carry out its project, Google relied on several third-party publishers. Vine ,Evernote , Duolingo and Sight Words were apparently part of the list since their applications are the first to take advantage of the technology developed by the firm.

It's all wonderful, but how does it actually work? Rest assured because everything is transparent for the user. These four applications can therefore be downloaded from the Chrome Web Store, like any other tool developed for Chrome or for Chrome OS. The installation takes place in the same way and when everything is in order, all you have to do is open the launcher and click on the appropriate icon to open the associated applications.

This is obviously only the beginning of the adventure and these four applications are thus the first of a long list. The list should therefore grow quickly in the weeks and months to come.If you have a Chromebook at home (I haven't yet), feel free to share your feedback through the comments. that follow. Via

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