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Vistaprint is a brand that deals with all-round business promotion. From the printing of business cards, soft touch business cards and simple flyers, to the production of personalized corporate gadgets, such as pens, mugs and cloth bags, hang tags to the creation of a website layout and design templates . Hang tags are perfect to promote products such as apparel, food or beverage. Hang tags can play a valuable role in attracting consumer attention and relaying important information visit Vistaprint and get inspired by 811 professionally designed hang tags templates. Vistaprint aims to offer high quality printed products even to small businesses and professions with a limited budget, thanks to simple tools for designing, creating and uploading logos and texts. Your satisfaction is guaranteed, so if you are not satisfied with the result and the press you can request a refund of the order. Vistaprint is not only marketing products, but also digital services and website development, corporate Facebook pages and site hosting, to offer a complete and effective service for the promotion of small and large companies. Visit Vistaprint and get inspired  by 20041 professionally   design templates , order a customized table runners with your logo, customize your flyers, mailing brochures with dozens of themes, colors, and styles to make an impression. By using Vistaprint you can  professionally designed fabric banners  templates. Fabric banners are the best choice if you’re looking for high-end signs for your events, trade shows, retail stores, and more. Made of durable, machine-washable polyester, our custom fabric banners are easy to clean, dry and prep for your next event . Visitaprint offers four signature paper stock: glossy, matte, linen, and recycled matte. Within each category, only specific sizes, paper stock and ink colours are supported. Vistaprint aims to offer  yard signs and outdoor banner for your business or to show your political support using fade-resistant printing, making them perfect for indoor and outdoor use. Custom yard signs  are perfect for real estate, construction sites, politics and more. One of the greatest advantages using vistaprint are foam core board signs.Vistaprint  offers a variety of sizes for  foam core signs, but all are rectangular.Car magnets  are made of a thin magnetic material that is about as thick as a piece of construction paper,Vistaprint service  offers professionally  designed car magnets templates, you can customize your car magnets with dozens of themes, colors, and styles. Vistaprint, a global e-commerce seller of promotional product and printed marketing materials, has a new service that empowers businesses to receive a box of custom-branded promotional product each month. Called Promobox, Vistaprint announced the service this summer, noting that design work is included in the offering. Create custom promotional product for your business in minutes from apparel and bags to office products. Whether your company has an eco-friendly message to convey or you just prefer a natural and vintage look,Vistaprint kraft business cards are a great option, made of 90% recycled uncoated paper, kraft business cards  boast a natural texture that pairs well with simple designs in black ink.

Also you will get the Vistaprint metallic business cards when switching on the annual plan.


Here is my honest review about vistaprint business cards:


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VistaPrint metallic business cards

I have known vistaprint for years and I rely on it to print my business cards, bearing very competitive prices. I use the interface made available to the site to customize my tickets, according to my simple and linear tastes. You can choose many themes, even more whimsical. Should opt for different colors, fonts and type of paper.  Each of which is combine with your work / service. You  also should insert your own logo. Vistaprint also offers interesting solutions to give life to its website, that is to say to print in a personalized way also other gadgets different from the cards, like pens, calendars, caps etc. The service is excellent, even respecting the timing and what arrives is in accordance with the order. No problem even with payments that I personally make by bank transfer. Satisfied with the print view. I highly recommend it because the tickets come out well. Even better than those that print in typography and with decidedly higher prices.

Still there are people that leave negative feedbacks about their services:

Tanksite Vistaprint A10 1080x675 300x188The least I can do is to report to as many users as possible the Vistaprint site, advertised by the main search engines, with offices spread all over the world but without a specific address. I had ordered 500 business cards, which I also needed urgently for my work as a photographer. The order is send before Easter, with regular payment (32 euros). I’m still waiting for them. My constant complaints tell me that they have prepared a new order and a new expedition, but now I think I understand that it is only an automatic responder that reassures me of the new dispatch, which is actually a hoax. Of course I go to a print shop and get my business cards done, with a new expense. 32 euros is certainly not a huge figure but the waste of time was very annoying and irritating. Remember: never go to VISTAPRINT!

In the previous content we talked about services that offers,we talked about how you can design templates, fabric banners, how you can customize your car magnets with dozens of themes , etc.. but the main content we talked about and share some positive and negative feedback is about vistaprint business card. So the main guestion is:

Is Vistaprint good for business cards?

The first thing to say is that Vistaprint offers an incredibly slick experience. You can start designing your business cards without creating an account or providing any payment info, and also you can get you  business card samples . The service also offers a wide selection of cardstocks and lots of other items you can have your message printed on. A lot of customers are impressed by Vistaprint, for its excellent and flexible card-designing interface, design templates ,reasonable pricing, and quality of output. Bottom Line: Vistaprint is the best online business cards  printing service  thanks to its combination of excellent vista print quality,good design tools,  and reasonable prices.


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