Vive Plastic Surgery Tijuana Reviews in 2021

Vive Plastic Surgery Review

If you search for a plastic surgery clinic  then Vive Plastic can be a good choise. The clinic team of board-certified surgeons at Tijuana, Mexico are preety proffesionals. We are committed to the practice of aesthetic medicine, plastic surgery, and health care, with the highest standards.

Our gallery before and after offers a description of our patient’s different procedures. Our numerous groups including Team Guadalajara, Team Monterrey, Team Culican and Rhinoplasty experts are displayed in the previous and second galleries.

Here it’s a quick review written by a customer late this year:

  • I am extremely Depressed, I have been crying every single day since my surgery. I am NOT happy with my results , I paid 7k for my tummy tuck & bbl with dr. benjamin (culican) and i honestly feel robbed by VIVE PLASTIC SURGERY. I feel like I paid 7k for just a tummy tuck. My butt measures the same , I measured it before surgery.

And to top it off dr.benjamin took my nice hips aways , I told the doctor I wanted more hips and more butt to add 1200ccs on each cheek and I was guaranteed I will receive 1200ccs on each cheek, so not only do I feel robbed but I also feel lied too by dr.Sergio verduzco. He Vive Plastic Surgery Tijuana Reviewssaid to wait 3 months that I’m swollen , my butt is not even swollen its soft .

When I got my 1st bbl by dr.campos (lotus med group) in TJ. My butt was very hard and swollen and that’s because he did a magnificent job , I honestly wish I would’ve just went to him but I got fooled by vive because of all the advertisement with the pictures of before and after and it makes me feel like they edit there pictures .

I should’ve had bigger hips since dr.campos added hips to me but instead they took my hips away , I dont even have a coke bottle shape anymore I am so devasted that all they keep saying is to wait 3 months .

That is not true ladies , your suppose to feel your butt hard and plumpy right after surgery and see the results immediately. My butt is the same size , my hips are gone . I would reconsider going elsewhere ladies, it seems to me they do not want to resolve this with me .

All they keep saying is wait 3 months, that is so ridiculous . I will post pictures so you guys can judge for your selves how they took my body shape away and my butt measures the same . Do not go with vive go directly to the surgeon you will definitely pay less and you won’t pay vive a broker fee. ( I would recommend to go elsewhere)

  • Not only are the prices high, they also try to convince you to get other surgeries, and that is very unprofessional. For example: people Might need a FACE LIFT but you never point that out to them, unless they are concerned about those issues or that area(so unprofessional). Just by what I seen on messaging I can see they are only interested in money not their Possible patients desires. Take your HARD EARNED MONEY ELSE WHERE. And by the way I went for a second opinion to a plastic surgery doctor here in the states and he assured me that I didn’t need the surgeries that you guys so call “recommend” So Thank you for CONVINCING ME to stay in the states.
  • I got my tummy tuck and lipo360, arm lipo and bbl with Dr. Guadalajara Felix Marquez 10 weeks ago and I’m extremely happy happy with my results. I came back yesterday for my breast implants with Dr. Omar the man on the pic and everything went smooth 👌 and really happy because he helped me pic a size that would fix my body. Shoutout Dr. Verduzco for making this happen with his team and making my dreams come true, if I could I would leave 10 stars lol I recommended them to all my friends and family

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Vive Plastic Surgery Reviews

The results of this show are stunning. Here you’ll see the best outcomes North America has obtained for every plastic surgeon and their respective teams. Below are all vive plastic surgery images arranged by area of the body before and after. Procedures include Body, Face, Breast, etc.

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Vive plastic surgery tijuana mexico

Since my surgery, I am extremely depressed, I weep every day. I am not happy with my findings, I charged 7k with dr.benjamin for my tummy tuck & bbl and frankly I feel cheated by VIVE PLASTIC Surgey.

I was measuring my ass the same before the procedure and took my lovely hips for a while to complete it dr.benjamin.

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