Warning, Google Messages will stop working on some Android smartphones in April

Notice to users of Google Messages on Android! The next update of the messaging application would indeed block the application on certain Android smartphones. The sad news was reported by the XDA Developers site whose experts analyzed the APK of Google Messages.

What they found there is unequivocal as to what awaits anyone using the app from an uncertified Android smartphone.

Warning Google Messages Will Stop Working On Some Android Smartphones In April
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By analyzing the APK on a phone not certified by the Internet giant, the experts at XDA Developers have indeed discovered this message: “from March 31, Messages will stop working on devices without certifications, like this one. this. » Google Messages could therefore be blocked in April…

Which devices are affected?

For those who do not know, devices considered not certified by Google include all those that do not embed Google applications and services by default, such as Messages, Gmail or the Play Store. Users have to download and install them manually on their phone or tablet from their APK, which is not always appreciated by the Internet giant.

Moreover, you should know that in recent years, Google has regularly established and unveiled the list of devices that the company has certified to receive its applications and services. Thus among the smartphones without certification, we can for example quote those of Huawei. Note that by verifying this certificate, Google ensures that your Smartphone or tablet has not been compromised.

A little hope still remains …

For now, Google has not yet commented on this discovery made by the experts at XDA Developers. The Internet giant has not yet given an explanation for this possible change in policy towards Android devices that have not been certified.

However, it could be related to the RCS message encryption which is currently being tested with Google Messages. In any case, nothing is certain yet and some hope that this information relayed by XDA Developers would ultimately be a simple false alarm.

Indeed, nothing proves that the APK of Google Messages analyzed by the site's experts will indeed be the one that Google will offer its users in the coming weeks. Or, this message could well disappear in the next update of the application …

Many are already crossing their fingers that this is the case!

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