Watch out for fake Covid-19 vaccines sold on the darknet

There is everything on the darknet and it is even possible to find vaccines supposed to offer immunity against Covid-19. Well, not really.

The darknet is home to many unsavory marketplaces, marketplaces where internet users can buy guns, drugs, sexual favors, or even medicine.

Watch Out For Fake Covid 19 Vaccines Sold On The Darknet
Photo by Juan Pablo Serrano Arenas from Pexels

Of course, the whole network is not just about these sites , but it must be recognized that these are usually the most we hear about.

Vaccines for sale on the darknet

However, since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, we have seen numerous, at the very least questionable, announcements bloom on these unsavory sites. At the very beginning of the epidemic, it was even possible to buy saliva and blood from people who had recovered from being infected with the virus . But now we have just reached a whole new stage.

As Xavier Duros, a cybersecurity specialist, indicates to our colleagues at Le Parisien , since November, new announcements have been popping up on the darknet marketplaces. Ads offering Internet users to buy some of the vaccines approved by the FDA.

More worrying still, in all, the expert counted in all about ten sites offering doses of vaccine for sale. All at a high price, of course.

These vaccines are traded on average between $ 250 and over $ 1,000 per dose.

Crazy prices

But of course, these vaccines do not come in any case from approved laboratories like Moderna or Pfizer. These announcements are nothing more than scams intended to take advantage of the current situation and the many concerns raised by the health crisis that the world is going through.

And as often, the people behind these sites have done everything possible to deceive Internet users. Some sites are very well documented and look completely authentic. As for payments, they are made exclusively by Bitcoin in order to prevent the police from being able to trace them back to the sellers.

Concretely, therefore, if you hang out on the darknet often, it will be better to ignore all these announcements and calmly wait for the start of the vaccination campaign. Campaign which will be completely free.

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