We know a little more about the new brand of Carl Pei, the co-founder of OnePlus

OnePlus , it's over. After co-founding the company and helping to develop his brand for several years, Carl Pei finally decided to put an end to the adventure at the end of last year. While promising to give his news very quickly.

A few weeks have passed, and it seems the time has come to tell us a little more. Carl Pei has indeed announced a special event dedicated to his new brand.

We Know A Little More About The New Brand Of Carl Pei The Co Founder Of Oneplus
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An event which will take place on January 27 and which should focus… on the audio sector.

Carl Pei, a busy career

Born in China in the late 1980s, Carl Pei began working for Nokia in 2010 before leaving the company to join Meizu a year later. He stayed there for another year before taking the position of Head of International Markets at Oppo in 2012, where he met Pete Lau.

In December 2013, the two men then decided to take a new turn and found their own smartphone brand. OnePlus was born and we all know its success.

Reserved for freedmen, the company's products ended up reaching the hearts of the general public and the company even recorded good sales figures in Europe and the United States. So much so that it decided last year to diversify its offer and launch smartphones positioned on the middle and entry level.

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After smartphones, headsets and headphones?

But the year 2020 was also marked by the departure of Carl Pei. After seven years spent developing the company's brand image, he decided to give new impetus to his career.

At the time, Carl Pei had mentioned the launch of a new company, without giving more details. But now we know a little more about what he's up to.

On Twitter, the businessman announced the holding of an event on January 27, an event entirely focused on his new adventure. The information was quickly picked up and he then revealed that this famous adventure will have a link with the audio market.

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An announcement on January 27

Earphones ? Not necessarily. At the end of last year, Carl Pei had already mentioned his interest in this sector of activity during an interview conducted by the Wired site. Our colleagues then asked him if he intended to launch headphones or headphones, and he then replied that it was much more than that, without giving any further explanation.

On the other hand, earlier in the year, a job offer related to this new brand began to circulate on the web, a job offer dedicated to the recruitment of a designer capable of developing the interface of a application… running on Android. Again, it is not clear what this application will be used for, but it may be useful to remember that headphones and headphones often come with this type of tools.

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