We know the new project of the creator of Vikings

Vikings , it's over. The last episodes of season 6 are out and we know, finally, the outcome of the adventures of the sons of Ragnar. Michael Hirst, for his part, obviously does not intend to hang up the gloves and we learn that he has started working on another project.

Vikings will have clearly marked its time, especially because of its quality of writing and its realization. Few series can indeed boast of having been able to transport viewers to this point in the universe of the Vikings and their beliefs.

We Know The New Project Of The Creator Of Vikings
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A page turns, then, but the book is not yet finished. Vikings will indeed be entitled to a spin-off, ordered by Netflix: Valhalla.

Vikings will be entitled to a spin-off

Once again, the Vikings will be in the spotlight, but history will take us a bit later. It will take place a century after the events recounted in the original series. In other words, we must not hope to meet again the characters who marked the series.

Which, of course, does not mean that their legend will not be mentioned.

Michael Hirt is of course associated with the project, with Jeb Stuart, but the latter does not seem to want to put all his eggs in one basket. Thanks to the Hollywood Reporter , we know that the director is also working on another very ambitious project.

A series that will focus on a dark period in the history of England

A project which, this time, will not take place in Northern Europe, but in London, in the middle of the 17th century.

For this brand new series, a mini series commissioned by History, the director will indeed have to revisit a dark period in history, namely the bubonic plague epidemic in 17th century London. Few details have been given, but our colleagues indicate that this project will be an opportunity to tell what almost was the fall of British society.

At the time, the arrival of the bubonic plague in London indeed caused sharp clashes and many Londoners fled the city for fear of the disease. Like the end of the world, then.

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