We should expect a 16-inch Mini LED MacBook Pro in 2021

Ming-Chi Kuo would not have lied. The 16-inch MacBook Pro of 2021 should indeed go well to the Mini LED.

This time, the information therefore does not come from the analyst himself, but from sources “close to the supply chains”. Sources who would have indulged in some indiscretions with our colleagues from the Digitimes site.

We should expect a 16-inch Mini LED MacBook Pro in 2021

According to these sources, Apple would well intend to launch a 16-inch MacBook Pro equipped with a Mini LED screen this year.

It is a little clearer for the MacBook Pro 16 inches Mini LED

Mini LED should not be confused with OLED. It works in a radically different way. Just like a traditional LCD screen, the panel therefore has a layer dedicated to the backlighting and the only thing that really changes, ultimately, is the size of the LEDs that compose it.

As the name of the technology suggests, the backlighting of Mini LED panels is made up of much smaller LEDs, which at the same time allows more precision in the display of colors while consuming less energy. energy.

We have been hearing about the arrival of the Mini LED on Apple tablets and computers for several years now. But this time, it would be the right one since the firm should launch this year an iPad Pro and a MacBook Pro 16 inches equipped with a Mini LED screen.

New screen, new chip and new color?

No date is circulating, however, and it is therefore unknown when these devices will be presented.

It should also be noted that this new screen would not be the only feature of the next 16-inch MacBook Pro.

The latter should also carry a brand new Apple Silicon chip, a chip even more powerful than the M1 found on board the MacBook Air, MacBook Pro and Mac Mini presented by the brand at the end of last year.

Some sources also mention a change in design, with the possible return of a black model . However, it will be necessary to wait for the first leaks to be fixed.

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